Full Moon in Taurus – Business and Career Astrology Moon Calendar Forecast

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With this full moon, you are being asked to let go of what no longer serves you, and to call forth any remaining energy in order to complete and act upon your long-term goals. If you started a project back then, dust it off and ask yourself ‘how can I bring this to fruition or completion?’ Take note of what is going on in your life currently as you will see a continuation, pattern, or deepening of it in April 2019.

“Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner” or how ‘Niceness” spiritually whitewashes emotions and causes harm.

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Are you a nice person? Do you value yourself based on how nice you are, and how nice other people think you are? Needing to say nice things, have the most ‘appropriate’ response and being ‘helpful’, placating and people pleasing your way through life like your survival depends on it? Because well..it does doesn’t it? I know mine has, coming … Read More

Someone’s ugly comment, verbal diarrhea, or passive aggressive/sarcastic jab got you reeling? (VIDEO)

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Sensitive to people’s words and energy? ???? Tired of feeling like an emotional dumping ground? If you’re struggling to get over an energetic gut punch here’s my 3 minute energy technique ???????? to shift and release it so it doesn’t ruin your day. ✨✨ To get free instant access to my empath freedom technique training sign up here: http://www.vanessacorazon.com/eft/

What vibration are you emitting?

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If you find yourself stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out, not feeling excited or even interested in pushing forward.. If you are second guessing your business, your choices, your path, the whole kit and caboodle.. Ask yourself.. What vibration am I in? What state am I in right now? How is this state keeping me feeling overloaded, depressed, burnt out, losing hope? … Read More

When it feels heavy – it is.

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 It’s not because you’re not capable, smart or savvy enough. It’s not because you need to learn more, do more, be more. It’s because you’ve likely picked up a bit of advice/nasty inner critic that’s telling you it needs to be done a certain way. You’re carrying too much. (and it’s probably not even your stuff!) How would it feel … Read More