Lies they have been telling you about Psychic Gifts (2 of 3)

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Yesterday we talked about the lies you’re being told about your psychic gifts and how they wreak havoc in your life, your business and your belief about yourself… We talked about the first one how often psychics tote themselves as being a 4th/5th/6th generation psychic, or the common belief about how only some people are born with intuitive gifts. And … Read More

Someone’s ugly comment, verbal diarrhea, or passive aggressive/sarcastic jab got you reeling? (VIDEO)

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Sensitive to people’s words and energy? ???? Tired of feeling like an emotional dumping ground? If you’re struggling to get over an energetic gut punch here’s my 3 minute energy technique ???????? to shift and release it so it doesn’t ruin your day. ✨✨ To get free instant access to my empath freedom technique training sign up here:

What vibration are you emitting?

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If you find yourself stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out, not feeling excited or even interested in pushing forward.. If you are second guessing your business, your choices, your path, the whole kit and caboodle.. Ask yourself.. What vibration am I in? What state am I in right now? How is this state keeping me feeling overloaded, depressed, burnt out, losing hope? … Read More

When it feels heavy – it is.

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 It’s not because you’re not capable, smart or savvy enough. It’s not because you need to learn more, do more, be more. It’s because you’ve likely picked up a bit of advice/nasty inner critic that’s telling you it needs to be done a certain way. You’re carrying too much. (and it’s probably not even your stuff!) How would it feel … Read More

Feel like the coaching industry is a sham?

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Let’s be honest. If you’re feeling tired, fed up or overwhelmed by all the 10k a month facebook posts, and big ticket coaches and events.. The photoshopped luxury lifestyle brand photos and fancy named programs with names like Coaching, Cash, Clients, and Passion, Profits and Empty promises As you sit in your pajamas with a cup of cold coffee (your … Read More