5 COMMON WAYS WE STOP OURSELVES FROM HAVING WHAT WE WANT – AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT… Dreaming of what you want is easy, you can picture how your life will be, how you will feel if everything lined up the way you want…but going for those dreams..well that’s a whole other story. What we often don’t anticipate is … Read More

Release yourself from it, or put it on your damn calendar…


My mornings had become overwhelmed by my to-do list…I’d wake up, briefly happy for a moment until I remembered everything I had to do…it was weighing on me…stopping me from really enjoying my work, my kids, my so called freedom that came with working for myself… It was strangling me…until it hit me one morning that this was the same … Read More

What are you withholding from yourself?


What are you telling yourself you can’t have, do or experience right now? This isn’t a post about money, or time, or even limitations..its a post about what’s in your heart. What is it within you that is dying a little bit each day, being slowly smothered..slowly extinguished as you push through and do all the things you feel are … Read More

Are you Disempowering Yourself with Your Words?


If we listen to our words, not just how we say them, but words we subconsciously choose to express ourselves we learn a profound amount about our beliefs, patterns and fears.

There are certain words that are often used that hold a big key to understanding our hidden agendas or fears. Are we seeking approval through our word choices? Do we choose certain words so that we don’t have to stand in the full awareness of who we are?

What to do when everything falls apart


So much of life is spent wondering “am I on the right path? “, “did I make the right choice?”, “what am I here for?”, “what am I meant to be doing?”

And it seems that the longer that we are here, the more complex these questions become.

We have realizations, experiences, we change, we grow, and yet it doesn’t get easier to find our answers.