Lies they have been telling you about Psychic Gifts (1 of 3)

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Let’s talk Intuition for a moment..specifically the idea that only certain gifted ones are born with it – this one is the first and the deadliest!

Those who tell you (psychics included) that you’re not gifted if you weren’t ‘born in the caul’ or it doesn’t run in your family (ie. your great great grandmother was a tea leaf reader in the first World War, Your Grandmother had visions and spoke in tongues, your mother was contacted by aliens) you know the whole Fifth Generation Psychic Spiel…

They’re WRONG…dead wrong and here’s why they’re so wrong:

Everyone is BORN with intuition, it’s actually one of our senses (the 6th to be exact, well and the 7th, 8th..but I won’t get into that now)
– Often it shows up most strongly when we are struggling through a very difficult period (especially in childhood), because it is a survival sense. For the rest of us it’s there, but not as prominent until its really needed.

and thirdly –

– What people believe intuition to be is often misunderstood…(we can thank the media for that), most often you ARE using it without being aware that it’s intuition because its something you’ve always done/felt/experienced and it doesn’t feel like ANYTHING out of the ordinary. And it isn’t..because intuition is well – NATURAL.

In other words..they tell you this to try to share how ‘SPECIAL’ they are, how extraordinary their gift is…(ahem marketing tactic *cough* *cough*)

The worst part?

It’s not just a matter of being right or wrong…the real problem is that this seemingly innocuous belief is actually making you believe you’re not REALLY gifted, or that your intuition isn’t as STRONG or natural as theirs.

Here are some sample situations where adopting this ‘harmless’ belief can cause so much harm, you’ll want to beat it up with a broomstick handle!

– You read a biography of a certain famous psychic, hoping to get some hints at how they tapped into their gift, and instead read 300 pages of fluff about how special they are, case study after case study *testimonials* and how their grandmothers, grandmothers, great aunt had it, and now they do too. ( Sound like a sales tactic? It often is…)

– You watch a psychic on tv and hear them sharing profound insights with family and friends, but think to yourself “ I could never do that..”

– You go to a psychic to have a reading and choose the one who is a 4th generation psychic because well…she seems more credible and gifted..I mean if it ran in their family then they must be the real deal!

Of course there are plenty of situations like those but these three are the ones I see people suffer most often with so I have a solution for each:

Biographies are meant to build expert status..they give little to no real insight into someone’s actual intuitive processes, or how to tap in yourself..they focus on one person being special and unique so you feel inadequate. If you want to learn how to develop your gifts – learn from someone who is willing to share their processes and experiences, and help you troubleshoot yours.

– Psychic tv shows rarely show how the intuitive receives their information…are they ‘hearing it/thinking it/feeling it/seeing it”? How it is displayed to a tv audience doesn’t do the full process justice.

– Putting that you are a 3rd/4th/5th generation psychic on your business cards, website, or otherwise is pure marketing, it has nothing to do with how talented the person is, unless their grandmother, great grandmother, aunt shared with them HOW they receive insight and how to tune in themselves..otherwise it is just someone who tapped into their gifts like anyone else. (Ie. You don’t need a mentor/teacher/guru/ or special DNA – to tap in)

See the difference? Love the difference? Want to buy me a truck of chocolate for that gigantic aha moment?

Well hold off on that truck for just a bit and wait for tomorrow’s post because THAT will blow your mind and as you sit there with your mind blown, it will scoop in and deliver even better!
Well just wait for 1,440 minute (that will be 24 hours) and you will find out what I’m talking about!

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That’s all for nowwww folks …

See you same time, same place, same outfit (I’m lazy I know!) tomorrow!

Vanessa xx

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series. Click here to read part 2 and here to read part 3.

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