Lies they have been telling you about Psychic Gifts (2 of 3)

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Yesterday we talked about the lies you’re being told about your psychic gifts and how they wreak havoc in your life, your business and your belief about yourself…

We talked about the first one how often psychics tote themselves as being a 4th/5th/6th generation psychic, or the common belief about how only some people are born with intuitive gifts.

And today is all about …ding..ding..ding..
The lie that you need exercises to develop your intuition
The lie that you need techniques to receive intuitive insight
The lie that you need guided meditations to connect to your higher self..

I hate to admit this one because I too have been tempted to use these many many times..

You see….for years I wanted to develop my psychic gifts, I devoured the new age section, I practiced all the exercises, fell asleep during the guided meditations (and berated myself for it afterwards) but in the didn’t make my abilities any fact it made me believe I didn’t have them AT ALL. I lost faith in myself. After all the techniques were supposed to be THE KEY… And I couldn’t even get that right.

I am much older and wiser now thank you very much, and this is what I have found for myself and tons of people I have worked with. The truth is..the techniques only engage the mind..they don’t do ANYTHING to develop your intuition..

In fact – the best way to tap into your intuitive gifts is to use the intuitive gifts you ALREADY have. You don’t have to develop or unlock anything, you just have to recognize them and start using them more consciously! See here’s the thing..most people don’t believe they have intuitive skills because they aren’t aware that what they are doing everyday is actually intuition.

When we expect intuition to look a certain way, we fail to see how we are already using it – we fail to see it for what it is.

So the best way to receive intuitive insights is to use your natural intuitive pathway (which you found by taking the quiz and reading the guide I created for you – if you haven’t yet you can do that here ) Once you know that, and are aware of it, you simply just do it consistently, passionately and unquestioningly over and over and over.

This is my secret to always getting the intuitive answers for myself and thousands of people I have worked with.

Take it.
Use it.
Sit back and reap the rewards.


Vanessa xx

*This is Part 2 of a 3 Part Series. To Read Part 1 click here. To read part 3 click here.

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