Lies they have been telling you about Psychic Gifts (3 of 3)

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The third part of this hugely useful series (yes modesty isn’t a strong suit) covers one of THE most important keys to tapping into your intuition. *Click here and here to read parts 1 and 2*

Now to be fair, I could have shared this at the beginning but you know what they the best for last..also they say patience is a virtue…so wait “just” a little longer as I recap the first two days:

On day one we talked about the lie of ‘4th/5th/6th generation psychics’ and being born with psychic gifts (i.e.- we’re all born with it!)
On day two I showed you that you don’t need exercises or guided meditations to develop your gifts

Day three is all about why we don’t need intuitive exercises or meditations because we are in fact already accessing our intuition on daily, or rather multi-daily (that’s a word right?) basis.

You see…we are at a time on this planet where we have a little intuitive speaking. That we in fact have already developed our intuitive gifts (far more than generations in the past) thanks to a little help from our friends (and by that I mean our cell phones, iPads, and on demand tv access). You knew they were good for something right?

Because you see..the way we access our intuitive receptive state also happens to be the same way we interact with technology on a daily basis…we enter the SAME state to interact with BOTH. Genius Right?

So those techniques, guided visualizations and such are actually stunting you in developing your gift further because they take you OUT of that state, and try to use the mind to access it instead…ERM..embarrassing!!

So you see if you simply ‘recreate’ the state you’re in while you’re scrolling Facebook, or surfing the net on your phone – You’re GOLDEN.

You don’t need to be wasting your precious time and energy, and patience on techniques that are just going to make you fall flat on your face.

Fantastic no?!

To make things even more fantastic and to continue this winning streak that we have unleashed over the past three days, I am teaching you some of my best methods to instantly tap into your psychic gifts in The Psychic Code Masterclass

In under 35 minutes…that’s like 2,040 seconds…for number nerds like myself…
– You will learn how to create an intuitive receptive state
– you will understand the difference between your intuition and your mind
– you will learn why most techniques completely and utterly fail to work.

Even if you don’t think you have a psychic bone in your body.

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