Let’s be honest. If you’re feeling tired, fed up or overwhelmed by all the 10k a month facebook posts, and big ticket coaches and events..

The photoshopped luxury lifestyle brand photos and fancy named programs with names like Coaching, Cash, Clients, and Passion, Profits and Empty promises

As you sit in your pajamas with a cup of cold coffee (your second of the day because you’ve been up since 4) and can’t get your kids to eat their cereal without chucking it on the wall, or half near killing each other over who sits where?

Then you understand reality – and you’re probably living in it. (every freaking day).

Being a mom of 3, who also has a full plate (many plates actually – you should see my sink!) we both know our lives don’t, and likely won’t look like that…

No big white yachts sailing the rivera, children with nannies and super tight thighs and abs you could bounce a quarter off of..

No our goals are much simpler…sanity at home, having more than “enough” money to give ourselves and our kids a good life, being able to take a family vacation, having time to ourselves and not struggling to do it all

But you wouldn’t know it by all the posts on Facebook promoting the beach and laptop nomadic lifestyle..

Do they speak to you? Support you, make you say..”yes, that’s the life I’m gonna have”?

I for one have never see a child in any of those photos, have you?

Here’s the thing…

Working with a coach isn’t always about 5 and 6 figure months, or 800k launches, hell sometimes it’s about –
– moving out of your parents basement
– believing in yourself again
– getting your first client
– finding your unique path and gifts
– creating a side income
– paying in cash instead of using credit
– getting out of overwhelm or a funk
– feeling like you’re making progress, even though its small, or ‘just a start’.
– having both your life and your business feel good and make sense
– feeling happy in your own skin
– taking a vacation for the first time in 10 years
– finding the thing that makes you feel ‘excited’ and lit up
– making your first 100 bucks online, or selling your first $27 product.

Sometimes coaching feels like…
– interrupting a long held habit, that normally would have spiraled you
– taking a moment for self care
– feeling good about the work you’re doing
– setting healthy boundaries
– saying no to something that normally would have been a yes
– crying, processing, grieving and stepping through the door, even though you feel scared, or uncertain
– having someone there to tell you its okay to feel the way you do
– going backwards so you can go forwards
– starting over or beginning from scratch
– learning to trust yourself
– saying goodbye to relationships and circumstances that don’t serve you
– saying yes to you
– not knowing where you’re going, but knowing that’s ‘okay’.

Sometimes its knowing you’re succeeding only because..
– you didn’t give up
– you did the work and even though its sometimes slow, its worth it
– you feel good about yourself and what you’re offering (sometimes for the first time)
– you’re making the rules this time, it’s your game now.

Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down, but it’s always moving forward.

It’s messy, but its real, genuine and authentic.

It’s reality.

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