It’s not because you’re not capable, smart or savvy enough. It’s not because you need to learn more, do more, be more.

It’s because you’ve likely picked up a bit of advice/nasty inner critic that’s telling you it needs to be done a certain way.

You’re carrying too much. (and it’s probably not even your stuff!)

How would it feel to drop that for a moment, set it down (you can always pick it back up if you want to – but once you shift it – you probably won’t – at least not in the same way…at least not as the same person).

Sit with yourself for a moment. Tune in. Set all the thoughts, judgements, pressures on your time aside for a moment.

I promise this will take less than 3 minutes…REALLY.

So go ahead..
Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself –

If I were to do this my way..

If I were to do what feels exciting to me right now..

What would that look like?

What would I choose?

We have told ourselves we can’t have fun. That we have to ‘do the work’ but what I want to say is this..

The work becomes easier, and more in alignment, and more ‘exciting’ once we do what’s fun first.

What’s tugging at your heart..

What do you REALLY want to be focusing on right now?

Once you do that..the other stuff comes into focus…

With ease.

Effortlessly AND With the exact next steps needed attached to it.

No more beating yourself up, no more banging your head against the wall..

No more plowing through.

It’s all there.

Will you let yourself play?

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