You + Me = A Love Story

Hey There!

How serendipitous that we’ve both found ourselves here – on the same page – at the same time – among the billions and billions of web pages on the net.

I love when life throws people together like that! Don’t you?

We both know there is no such thing as coincidences in life, you were brought here for a divine reason, and it’s not a tiny reason either – it’s because you and me are meant to be…

What were you thinking, something else? Silly Rabbit!

Let’s be honest – you’re here because you’re searching for answers, you’ve scoured the internet, you've attended the webinars, taken the courses, and tried the 5 step formulas for success and while it may have given you a little boost…it’s not been consistent, or nearly enough to bring you to where you want to be.

You want more…you put your heart+soul into your business, you give everything you are to your clients, you have a message and you want to share it with the world....After all It’s WHY YOU’RE HERE, RIGHT!? And I don’t mean on this little page…erhhem…I mean why you’re here…on this planet, at this time, having this radical experience called life.

You want answers. You want to grow, to embrace your gifts. To feel fulfilled, to find your purpose. And you want to have fun and make money doing it, (at least I do :))

Life is precious..and you want the most out of it. So lets just cut the fluff, short stuff. You are ready for a change, ready to learn, ready to receive, ready to be unstuck and free, and live the full amazing life you’re supposed to. Pssst…. Come closer for a sec…I have something super important to tell you – I’m on to you..You’re not just here for change – you’re here to – Change the world!

Let me say that again because it’s worth repeating –YOU – Are Here To Change the World!

And before your BS detector starts going off and you chalk what I’m saying up to fluff…hear me out – When you are yourself – offering your gifts - you know those nudges and inklings that just KEEP coming up over and over change the world, day by day – sometimes it’s in small ways, sometimes in big ways.  Your business is the fastest and best way to do that - why? Because you get to offer all of you through it, everyday - and you get to impact the lives of others while you're doing it!

** Cue the Soundtrack of Your Life **

And my purpose is to help you do it.

I’m your psychic know that one you wanted from those late night commercials years ago – except you know – legit (and if you don’t remember those commercials then you are probably too young to be visiting this page…or I’m just too damn old…).

I have 15+ years experience helping amazing wonderful people just like you learn their own unique gifts and use them to make it rain money and happiness (sounds good right?!), bring their business + life in sync, and get on the right path (yeah that that one…okay we may need a GPS..)

You’re just plain TIRED of looking for guidance in all the wrong places. 

Tired of googling your way through all the junk and overwhelm (six-figure months & membership sites, make money while you sleep, do you have an opt-in?, are you Tweeting?, what about a Pinterest page?...Pinterest is where it's at, you gotta build a MINI EMPIRE!, but wait are you on Instagram?, how often are you blogging?, newslettering?, networking?) and having it get you no where.

You just want to get to the good real stuff, that you know is there…connecting with your ideal clients, loving your work, having the free time to spend with your family, feeling like your business is really working for you, instead of the other way around, making REAL money in your biz, and getting the answers you need so you can go where you want to go.

If this sounds like you, then I’m right up your alley…(Not your real alley, but you know – the other one).

I have gone down that hyped up fluffery path and made it out the other side.

I have braved the online-marketing wilderness, cut through the jargon and riffled through the straight up, not-gonna-help-you-crap out there and I’ve returned to give you the honest easy no fluff-woo-woo-free step by step way to find your gifts, focus in on them with laser-precision, create your own strategy and plan so you can have the business + life you want – without all the crazy techniques that waste your time and hard earned money.

I’m here to help you get the answers you need to do your thing 🙂 And even though I'm a psychic, I'm also an entrepreneur.  I love blending intuition with strategy, down-to-earth logic, and making it as easy to follow as possible.  Because who has time to wade through it all?

You’re looking for a genuine honest connection, clear answers and personal techniques, that will work for you and won’t take years or decades off your life, spinning you in circles…

And you want it from someone who isn’t playing the wizard behind the curtain, someone who shows up and tells you the honest truth, with a dash of love, and a little humor. You want someone who can be real with you, tell you the things you need to hear, without all the filler.

I’ll bring the coffee (or herbal tea 🙂 )

Just give me the good stuff! That’s what I do best.

So you might be thinking –

Okay Vanessa…what is it that you ACTUALLY do, if you don’t do the woo?

I’m so happy you asked! I’m a Life+ Business Psychic Medium, coach and intuitive financial strategist for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to take their lives and businesses to a place of ease, happiness, and success. Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients helping them align who they are, and what they do. I’ve built several of my own companies, from a holistic magazine (in print & online), organized and ran large scale events and expos, set up multiple streams of passive income, and successfully run my own intuitive consulting business. Using my intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience (meaning I receive intuitive data through images, feelings and sounds(thoughts) so no crystal balls, pictures, zodiac signs, tarot cards, or magic eight balls and no googling 😉 ) has impacted my businesses and the lives and businesses of my clients in profound ways.

But it wasn't always this way...

I'd like to share a bit of my intuitive journey with you…so you can get to know me a bit better, and see what I'm all about and aren't left wondering.."who the heck is this chic?"

But before I do that I should give you a bit of a disclaimer…it's a pretty darn ordinary story…maybe even one like you've experienced - there's no spells, or strange voodoo, no blood of a 1000 virgins, monsters under the bed, rainbow-farting unicorns or frog princes..I haven't had any hunky angels appear, or any lotto numbers…(ergh, I know right!?)

My intuitive journey started at a young age, inspired by my grandmother's belief in psychics and fortune telling, and my father's paranormal experiences…I guess you can say I'm a fourth generation psychic (if you believe in that sort of thing).

I dabbled in tarot,palmistry and meditation...*cue mental image of me trying to hold awkward yoga poses and chanting OMMMM*

Fast forward to 2001...

... at the age of 18 I was hit head on - literally (by a truck). It was a car accident I was lucky to walk out of alive. It not only totalled the car I was in, but shook me to my core and focused my desire to know and understand my purpose and why I was still here.

A few short months later...
I stumbled into psychic mediumship after experimenting with trying to see things for people I didn't know…little did I know the 'pictures' and feelings I saw and felt for them, turned out to not only be accurate but also could have only come from their loved ones on the other side.

The straw that broke the camels back

Then after successfully holding hundreds of readings over the years …. everything started to crumble.

I experienced a tremendously difficult period in my life … my marriage fell apart, my grandfather died, I went through a period of extreme financial difficulty, and I left an abusive family environment...all within a short be honest, it nearly broke me. I have never been at such a low moment in all my life.

The emotional block it triggered lasted YEARS. After having given so many amazing sessions…I couldn't receive messages for myself, let alone anyone else.
Nothing - Zip, Zilch, Nada.

How could I go from feeling so connected, receiving such profound messages to feeling so alone, isolated and desperate for connection?

Then everything began to change...

It was when I decided to get to the bottom of it, and really began digging, trying to understand exactly how psychic intuition worked, and to replicate my experiences, like a scientist in a lab, breaking it down into a step by step process, that I started to see results like this...

  • Successfully read & coached hundreds of clients in over 30 countries around the world through my consulting business.
  • Organized and hosted city-wide holistic expos & large scale events.
  • Co-Created a holistic magazine (print + online).
  • Successfully launched a marketing, design and publication company.
  • Created multiple streams of online passive income.

And most importantly I regained my confidence in myself, and my abilities….and was finally able to continue fulfilling my life's work.

Some other little known *Juicy* facts about me:

  • I’m a mom of three crazy amazingly loud rug rats, and a wife of one super insanely calm amazing man, who puts up with my perfectionist quirks (I love you honey!)
  • I hate, hate, hate the phone, as an introvert I find it terribly intrusive. I would rather text, or sit one-on-one than bear talking on it, even for a moment. Thus, I hardly ever return calls…I’m sorry! (email & text I’m a rockstar).
  • I have an awful time catching social cues until after they’ve happened and its too late to respond to them. Why don’t people’s words match their energy!?
  • I once snorted Doritos and Sprite up my nose – AT. THE. SAME. TIME. – it was like someone lit a firecracker up in there….don’t ask me how painful it was coming out!
  • I still have trouble telling left from right, so if you’re giving me directions, it’s better to point.
  • I am socially awkward, blunt, and painfully honest. (I am still working on this…daily)
  • I am terribly unphotogenic. My face…gets stuck, in awkward expressions..and I have no control over it.…

Here's me trying to be spontaneous in photos - I know this makes your day.

You're Welcome.

Here’s another fun-pic for ya -No It ain’t throwback-thursday, I’m throwing this one in for a bonus! (Am I the only one who thinks the 1990’s were 10 years ago? )

All my photos back then seem to have tarot cards in them…I guess they make for a nice photo prop…oddly enough none of my readings use tarot….strange but true.

I have since been featured in Vancouver’s Westender Magazine and Within Magazine, the Edgar Cayce Canada Conference, as well at several prominent Holistic Shows.

And I’m not just tooting my own horn here (that would be weird…and well…just unprofessional)

In September of 2006, Vanessa Corazon offered me words of wisdom, guidance and a glance into my ”self” that left me somewhat speechless. Her reading was moving and chillingly accurate, she detailed trends of my past that have spilled over into the world I have created for myself today. Negative and positive, it was as if she listened to my soul and relayed the messages that my unconscious self was telling her. She has a unique gift and is willing to share it with those who choose to listen. Her presence is very powerful and her words direct., but her heart is warm and her advice is real. There is an element of healing that takes place within the reading – something so distinct and soothing happens throughout the course of your time with Vanessa. I highly recommend her abilities, she truly has a gift”

– Gillian Roy, Vancouver, BC

And Thattttttttt’s Alllllllll Folks! *in my best Bugs Bunny voice*

So, thank you my darling for reading this far! It was a novel I know..I’m still waiting to hear back from my publisher on how amazingly great this is…but until then.. I’ll put my tinfoil hat aside and get back to it..

There are usually THREE reasons why lovely amazing people like you find themselves on my page, and go through the painstaking effort to read to the end.. it’s because –

A) They want to take their business + life to the next level and want a kick-ass psychic accountability partner to help them do it. (click here to work with me)

B) They just love to hear me talk, (thank you, thank you!) Then you won’t want to miss a single word (enter your email below to receive all the VIP, love note goodness)

C) They want to connect with other amazing entrepreneurs who are following their goals and dreams To become an honorary member check out the Facebook group here: The Sacred Hustle 🙂

So which is it butter cup?

If you’d like to send me a love note of your own please click here and give me a piece of your mind  🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cheerios Dahling!


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