Have you ever experienced in the flow synchronicity…

Where everything just comes together as though in perfect harmony, like a song that has lived within you, but you couldn’t fully hear or understand in is entirety until you could see, feel and finally observe it’s sounds, ebbs and flows by watching it come together right before your very eyes…a moment where you just knew that life had your back?

Where you’re not pushing for something, or towards something but are being effortlessly carried towards something that is bigger, brighter and more amazing than you could have imagined?

There have been very specific moments in my life where I remember clearly having that feeling..that aha moment when you realize that it’s all been building up to THIS..

A moment where even though you’re scared, and you are totally operating out of your comfort zone..there is a peace that overtakes you, making the anxiety and uncertainty dissolve into nothingness..

A sense that you don’t know how, why or what, but it’s all going to work out <3

The greatest gift we can give ourselves, to help bring us to this place, and have it become a more frequent experience in our lives and businesses, is to give ourselves permission to follow that small quiet voice inside that says..this is the way..

It can be hard to hear sometimes (often) because our fears..well their voice is MUCH louder, it is like being yelled at inside on a near constant basis sometimes.

How much of our businesses are run based on fear? And how much on intuition?

Do you feel that you frequently tap into that small still voice inside..the one that when you simply listen to it, it feels tingly…

That you can’t explain how, or why, or if it will even work..but there is just SOMETHING about it that gives you that permission to breathe, an inner recognition, of seeing yourself inside of it..finding you within.

If not..if you find that you are consistently operating from a place of formulas, and metrics, maybe that piece that is missing is tuning into that voice within, the one that already has all the answers. It doesn’t mean throwing out the formulas and techniques, but it does mean not allowing them to be the ONLY thing that you are using to guide you in your life and biz.

Vanessa xx



If you find you’re struggling to wade through all the yelling, to find that small quiet voice that just knows..

I’m here to help. My gift resides in being able to sit with you, and pull that fine strand of magic out, and relay it to you in a way that leaves you with a smile and a deep sigh of relief. And the beauty of it, is it isn’t just an idea..it’s a self contained package, that gives you the next steps you can take to get there..

The ones that feel real, and in alignment..and easy.

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