Dreaming of what you want is easy, you can picture how your life will be, how you will feel if everything lined up the way you want…but going for those dreams..well that’s a whole other story.

What we often don’t anticipate is our programming, and how it comes in and sabotages our efforts at happiness.

Often for myself, and my clients this sabotage can be enough to knock us off our game for days, weeks, or even years.

It prevents us from putting ourselves out there, from going for what we want, from the reward of our hard work and from having the lives we know we can have – if we could just get out of our own damn way.

Sometimes those upper limit issues look like excuses…
“I’m tired, I had a long day”, “I don’t want to do this now” or “I’m not good at it”, “this can wait till tomorrow”..or “I can’t afford that right now.”

When we get a little taste of success…we suddenly start to feel overwhelmed..and retreat into our comforts of netflix and chocolate cake…

We attract tech issues to ourselves, like sending out the wrong email, missing links, video glitches or our computer dies on us…

We get sick, throw our backs out, come down with the norovirus (or is this only me?)

Or we start sabotaging other areas of our lives, like our relationships…picking fights with people we love and care about…isolating ourselves from them, believing they don’t or can’t help…

If this sounds familiar to you…know that it’s likely NOT a sign that you shouldn’t do what you’re doing…but it is a huge blinking sign that you’ve just narrowed down one of your upper limit issues.

The way forward is to acknowledge this…ask yourself when you remember feeling this last…or how old you feel (as you’re going through it – this can help show us if it is something from our childhoods)..

Experiences like this are part and parcel to making it as an entrepreneur..and they will likely come up pretty much every step of the way….it’s like a rite of initiation into the world of success…and it’s a huge sign that you’re making progress.

The important thing to remember is when this comes up – don’t stop – don’t retreat – inquire into it, instead of becoming paralyzed by it (like a deer in headlights).

The quickest solution is to pick one small action, maybe it’s sending an email, maybe it’s closing Facebook and writing that post, maybe it’s outlining your project into digestible pieces, maybe it’s making a phone call…

Just do SOMETHING, that brings you closer to what you are creating…it helps to free you from the hold that fear has over you..and it gives you the added momentum to push you through towards what you are creating. It’s a statement to life that even though your scared (bloody terrified), that you’re not going to let this stop you, that you are willing and open to face the fear (and the untrue belief system/story you’re telling yourself) and commit. I like to think of it as a power pose, a yogic-like chess move in your dance with fear. * Cue “we’re not gonna take it” theme song*

Now I know that one of the common upper limit fears for many of my clients is that they know they need and want to make big leaps in their business..and they’re ready to cut through the B.S. and start feeling clear and on purpose with their goals..but they can’t yet afford to work with me one on one…

And after I committed on Facebook to no longer taking clients for individual sessions because it’s not really serving them (if you haven’t seen that video, you can view it here – ) I’ve had several people ask me if there is another way to work with me that doesn’t involve a 4 month investment with money they don’t yet have.

After a few weeks of humming and hawing, and one too many chocolate easter eggs, I’ve finally found what I think is a pretty awesome way to serve and offer support in a very budget friendly way for those just starting out. You can check it out here –

I will only be able to take 8 highly-committed people for this with my available schedule. So if it feels right for you, and you feel the call to work together be sure to not wait too long to sign up. Once these spots are filled I won’t be offering this again for another 6 months.

Going all in can be scary…but it is also what you’ve been waiting for your whole life – closing all doors to the excuses that have stopped you and to just choose, completely and fully yourself, your passions, your dreams..and not stop until you get there. It’s a freedom so deliciously palpable you can almost taste it.

To love, freedom, and chocolate,


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