You know what kicks me, is speaking with clients and hearing repeatedly again and again how they invested in a big ticket coach, and months or years later are still recovering.

Psychologically in the sense of believing that they failed, or didn’t try hard enough, or didn’t get the success that they so deeply believed they would have in <set amount of time> working with that person, and then being shamed internally and externally because “if they just did the work” they’d have gotten there *total bs* (yes this actually happens)

And Financially all that ‘invest in yourself’ and ‘I just put it on a credit card and within a month I made 10K’ bs that infects your psyche like a virus. Still stuck paying off the debt, after their confidence and bank account have been decimated.

Listen, you don’t need a big ticket coach, you don’t need to put it all on the line on a credit card to get there (if that works for you, then by all means), but if you are struggling..don’t do this to yourself.

This is often lumped in with law of attraction and ‘if you build it they will come’ thinking. Yes make commitments, make plans, follow through, take action, and that does mean jumping sometimes when you don’t know where you’re going to land and trusting there’s a soft spot on the other side..

But feel into it first…is it coming from fear?

Maybe you can make it work, but is the pressure and stress worth it? If you find yourself stuck in believing this is the only way, something’s off. There are SO many ways to get there.

Find the one that scares you but also feels GOOD. Not the one that feels like you’re missing out, or it’s all-or-nothing.

I personally know great coaches who have programs where you don’t even pay a dime initially to work with them, that they only get paid when you do, Lacey Craig is an amazing example of this, And others who work with you where you’re at like Bushra Azhar with her low-cost incredible programs, and scholarships, Kelly Diels with her totally transparent marketing, Seryna Myers with her big creative heart and branding magic, Seema K Bharwani with her captivating course creation, Prerna Malik and Lauren Vanessa Zink with their on-point copy and content creation, Dottie Reynolds with her fb ad’s support, Elisa Bini Brescia with her social media mojo, Heather Prestanski with her free ads course, Avery Ford and Jess Blanche with their heart-centered offers and many, many others who offer incredible support without the 10K price tag.

There are many many ways to get there..and just because you aren’t willing, or can’t put that on the line, because it means not eating, or taking care of your family, doesn’t mean you don’t want it enough, or can’t have what you want. PLEASE know this.

Building a business, and creating the life that fulfills you takes time, it’s not always some overnight success (I venture to say -rarely). Work from the long game, assess what you have and what you want, look at the ways that will get you there with ease and flow and still are in alignment with your passion and goals. Playing the long game means having your needs met now while working towards what you want to create, it’s not a race, or a fight to the death.

Find someone who supports your values, and needs and will meet you where you’re at. If it’s not that coach, there will be another – promise.

P.S. I KNOW I’m going to get a lot of flack for this so I’m going to say it now – * this is NOT a blanket post to say there’s anything wrong with coaches charging larger sums! *

Sometimes it means:
– If you don’t have the money now it’s not time to work with them.
– Or it means you’re meant to work with someone else.
– Or you’re meant to do it on your own for now, with free or low cost support through groups, mini courses, posts etc.

There is no shame in this..I know I’ve been there!

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  1. Lape August 7, 2017at6:47 am

    Thank you for saying this, Vanessa 🙂 So far, I’ve taken expensive courses and cheap courses and the ones I’ve gained most from have been the cheap ones. It hasn’t removed the desire to ‘invest’ super-expensive courses but it reminds me that they’re not the ONLY way.

    1. Vanessa Corazon August 9, 2017at6:13 pm

      Ahh you’re so welcome Lape! Grateful that you resonated with this post, I agree ultimately price isn’t the only determiner of quality, and that there are always so many different ways to get to where we need and want to. Thank you for reading, I look forward to checking out your work! Vanessa xx


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