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Hello Lovely!

Here you will find the instructions on setting up your 2021 Moonsight Digital Calendar (for Google Cal and iCal). Please note: TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS - 1) It is HIGHLY recommended that you install your calendar using a laptop or desktop computer NOT a mobile device, to prevent any issues or glitches in your installation. When we use a desktop or laptop, we have more options to set the calendar up properly, which are not easily (if at all) available on mobile devices. 2) You will need to create NEW calendars to install these files into (to prevent the events from taking over your personal or business calendar.) Please DO NOT install these calendars into your personal or business calendar, and instead follow the videos below, to prevent any potential installation issues. 3) iCal recently made changes to their displays this year, and unfortunately it doesn't display the Moonsight Digital Calendar very well, it is recommended at this time that you use Google Calendar rather than iCal until we can find a remedy. 

If you have any questions I can be reached through the box " Email Support" or you can email me directly at  Enjoy!

Vanessa xx

Video: Installing Moonsight Digital Calendar for Google Cal

Video: Installing Moonsight Digital Calendar for iCal


I've tried installing the Google Calendar but it won't install?

Sometimes the file installation can be blocked by your cookie settings on your browser. Check to see if your browser is set to block 3rd party cookies.  If so, disable it and allow Google Calendar cookies and it will import the file.

Help! Installed the calendar wrong! It went into the wrong one and now all my events are messed up!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a bit of trouble with the installation!  I haven’t tried this fix myself (for Google Calendar) but I’ve had a few others try it and it’s worked. I think the same should apply to MAC if you aren’t using a PC.

Step 1 – Save a copy of the calendar file on your PC (call it canceled).

Step 2 – Open it in notepad (may need to open notepad, then open file from there).

Step 3-  Click Edit > replace.

Step 4- Find “STATUS:CONFIRMED” (all caps, no spaces)

Step 5 – Replace with: “STATUS:CANCELLED”

Step 6 – Click replace all.

Step 7 –  Then save it.

Step 8 – Now import the canceled file like you did before to your personal calendar. This cancels all those appointments and removes them.

Step 9 – Now, in Google Calendar, click add calendar > new calendar.

Step 10 – Name it ‘Moonsight’, then click create.

Step 11 – Now click on ‘+’ add calendar, and choose import. Select the original calendar file and make sure to change the add to calendar to the new ‘Moonsight’ one (not the one titled ‘cancelled’. Then click import.

That should fix it.

I've installed the Moonsight Calendar on my desktop. How do I get it on my phone?

Google Calendar

Once you’ve installed the .ics files onto your Google Calendar on your desktop, you’ll want to download the Google Calendar App onto your phone if you don’t already have it. It can be found in the AppStore (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Once it’s downloaded you’ll need to login to your Google/Gmail account, the same one that you used to install the Google Calendar on your desktop. Once logged in, you can go to the menu, and choose which calendars you’d like to have turned ‘on’.


*SPECIAL NOTE*  Ical has recently made changes to their calendar, which has affected how our events show up. Unfortunately we have yet to find a remedy to fix this, it is recommended at this time to use Google Calendar until we can find a solution*

If you are using iCal you should already have this on your phone. Note that iCal only works with iPhone, so if you are using an Android you’ll need to do the set up for Google Calendar instead. Once you’ve installed it on your desktop iCal, go to your phone and open the iCal app on your phone. Select ‘calendars’ and then check off which ones you want to view (including the newest calendars you’ve created for Moonsight).

The file includes .ics (iCal Files) and I need the Google Calendar ones, where do I get them?

Fortunately Google Cal and iCal both take the same file type when installing calendars. The .ics files included in the download will work for both iCal and Google Calendar. So whichever you choose to work with, please feel free to install the same .ics files and you’ll be all set! 🙂

What time zone are the calendar events listed in? How do I convert them to my time zone?

The Google Cal/iCal files will automatically convert to the time zone you have set in your Google Cal/iCal Settings. To check and make sure it’s set to the right time zone please follow the instructions for your specific device/app:

Google Calendar

On Mobile –
Click the three lined menu button
Scroll down to where it says ‘Settings’ and click ‘General’, make sure you have ‘Use Device Time Zone’ switched on.

On Desktop –
Open Google Calendar, and select the cog wheel, then click ‘Settings’.
Go to where it says ‘Time Zone’ and make sure your accurate time zone is selected. If it isn’t, select yours. Google Calendar will automatically save it for you. Close the window.


This will be automatically determined by your time zone settings on your iPhone or Mac. So long as they are set correctly on your computer the calendar events will be automatically adjusted to your time zone.

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