Great Entrepreneurship starts with a great connection.

So what are you connected to?

Where are you sourcing your energy from? (Coffee, Sugar, Fear, Motivational Books, Your bank statement?)

What occupies the majority of your energy throughout your day? (how often do you find yourself saying "I need to..", compelled by the fear of 'what if')

So much of the marketing that surrounds us in this giant fishbowl we call the internet is fear based. It's driving factors are pain points, urgency, and the infamous fear of missing out aka FOMO.

Sink or swim in these waters is often the name of the entrepreneurial game.

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But what are we swimming to, or from?

In order to not just survive but thrive in business, online, in your marketing and content creation – you need to be source driven, not force driven.

After all, when we are constantly pushing ourselves forward, riding on adrenaline and taxing our poor adrenals, we may be making strides, and feeling confident, but it runs out right?

It's not a method that creates as sustainable life, business, or body.

It is not a long term strategy for success, and definitely not happiness. What begins as creating a dream, ends with chasing a carrot at the end of the stick.

If this feels like you and you're tired of following the fear train, here's how to shift it.

Instead of acting from your mind (which by the way sometimes gives terrible advice, and is often plagued with multiple personalities – your dad, your old boss, your 8th grade gym teacher..) tune in.

Before writing that content piece, creating that livestream, or getting on that sales call…

Tune in.

Slow down.


And reconnect with yourself, and source.

Breath and Letting go are the fastest way we can empty out and allow ourselves to receive support from source.

After all Entrepreneurship is about service..and we can't serve if we are feeling in over our heads and putting ourselves last.

Ask how you can serve. Ask what wants to come through you today, ask to be shown the next steps (which also take into account your needs, and dreams and passions). It might just surprise you (as it's likely not what you THINK you need to do next).

Stop putting out the fires, and instead focus on the empire, the long-term goal..why you're doing all of this to begin with!

Real entrepreneurship is about more than just paying your bills, keeping your head above water and not having to go back to an old job.

It's because you believe in something bigger than yourself. You know deep down that your life and the lives of others can become so much more.

So let's start from a place of tuning in, filling our containers, before clearly asking for what we want, and more.

When we create from this place, when we allow ourselves to be driven by a source far bigger than our minds can comprehend. We no longer have to struggle with burn out, feeling blocked, fearful, overwhelm, and wasting our limited time and resources.

We instead can come from what we want to create, and what we all know is possible.
So tap into what you want your end to look and feel like, how you want to be, feel and experience your life, that's what all this is for isn't it? Freedom..happiness, fulfillment, joy, creativity, abundance.

Let's start where we want to end <3

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