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September 24, 2018 – 7:52pm PDT

Hello motivation where have you been for the last week?!

Are you finally feeling that fiery excitement and get sh!t done energy? Thank goodness for the Aries full moon. The past week has felt like an emotional minefield hasn’t it? Especially the past couple of days where we have been submerged in the watery, purge-release-repeat wash cycle of the Pisces Moon, with a healthy dose of a couple long-ass void moons thrown in there.

This may have made you wonder what was going on with you, if you were ever going to come out of it and deeply craving to get back to some semblance of normalcy, rhythm and getting things done in the ‘real world’.

Pisces moons tend to make us walk the razor’s edge between this world and the world of spirit. Where we feel like we are equally inhabiting both the spirit world and our earthy incarnation.

With Pisces Moons everything that has been floating beneath the surface (and some of it is poop, not going to lie) all of a sudden becomes unavoidable.

Those closets – they need to be clean, this room it needs to be dusted, and the sun needs to be let in.

It can feel a bit daunting to sort through our emotional caverns, there are no ‘formulas’ or 5 step systems for this type of stuff, you kind of need to be willing to wade in there with your rain boots on and prepare to get a bit dirty.

And while this doesn’t necessarily feel like it accomplishes much on the outside, it sure as heck feels a lot better on the inside (if you don’t let your brain beat you up for not getting more done on your ever-growing to-do-list – There’s time for all of that brain, now SHhhhhh!).

When you plan your business and all of it’s tasks from launches, to content creation, and client work by the Moon, there is plenty of time for rest, and replenishment – in fact it’s BUILT IN.

So now that we’ve crossed the emotional-spiritual abyss of the Pisces & void moons…and are entering the threshold of the Aries Full Moon, what’s in store for us?

Well darling, I’m so glad you’ve asked because – A LOT!

Aries lights a fire, and if you’ve felt like your fire has gone out, or been neglected, now’s the time to throw some paper and matches at it, and let it re-ignite because there’s some big business at work.

Aries is all about cutting through excuses, and it can clear mental fog like no-body’s business. So if you’ve felt overwhelmed, scattered or don’t know what to do first to get yourself back in a groove, you won’t have to worry for much longer.

This action-oriented window will aid you in accomplishing what normally would take you a week or more, within a couple of days – so block off your calendar (no really) and put this magic to work.

Push those client calls, interviews, and busy work to the end of the week, or into next week and use this power period to cross off something that has been eating at you or keeping you stuck.

Ahhh I love Aries Moons, and you will too over the next few days.

But here’s the thing – Aries doesn’t like to be disturbed or it gets a little grouchy – so blocking this time off on your calendar is uber important, not just for your to-do list but also for your relationships.

So take that ‘do not disturb knocker’ and put it up, because you need to focus, focus, focus and you don’t want anyone’s feelings getting hurt in the process.

Also side-note any relationships that are drama-filled, or are eating at your emotional, spiritual energy with little to no-reward will agitate you extra-special, so know that whatever falls away at this time is likely necessary (as long as you’re practicing some good boundaries and self-care), because Aries doesn’t have time for trivialities.

This week will house several long void moons (and if you have no idea what a void moon is, be sure to read this post), so exercise extra caution in planning announcements, launches, or starting new relationships/business deals.


Monday, September 24 – Void moon until 4:03pm PDT
Wednesday, September 26 – 3:28am PDT – 12:15am PDT Thursday, September 27
Friday, September 28 – 3:36pm PDT – 6:25 am PDT Saturday, September 29
Sunday, September 30 – 8:37am PDT – 11:00am PDT Monday, October 1


Today I will be hosting a LIVE Mooncast (lunar-forecast) and Psychic Q+A in the Sacred Launch at 3pm PDT where we’ll be going deep into this moon’s energy and how to work with it over the next few days (yes moon energy has an expiry date). As well I’ll be taking your burning life+biz questions so be sure to attend live and I will take as many questions as we have time for.

Secondly, I’m also retiring! Not myself entirely but a two of my signature best-selling programs, as they are being re-created and included in some big projects I have in the works.

I love to send things off with a bang so I will be hosting TWO flash sales this week in the Sacred Launch24 hours to claim your programs at 70%-85% off plus some amazing bonuses. Grab these programs before they’re never to be seen before again! You can read all about it here. We start tomorrow at 11am PDT!

Hope to see you there!

Vanessa xx

P.S. I’ve been getting a lot of requests about the 2019 Moonsight Lunar-Guided Biz Planner…It’s coming! I will be sharing a link to pre-order your copy in the next few weeks. In the meantime you can check out the 2018 edition here (and be sure to attend the flash sale this week as one of the programs up for grabs is my signature Launching With The Moon Workshop and your very own digital copy of the 2018 Planner!)


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