Marketing should be an invitation, not a tactic.

I had a profound realization today…one of those realizations where you wonder why you never saw it before, a complete and utter Aha, and a banishing of all the false stuff, in one fell swoop.

It just clicks now.

I feel free of needing to figure it all out, because one insight like this has shifted everything in my perception about business, and how I will operate in business from this moment on.

I now see that marketing tactics, sales funnels, and copy templates are only needed when you don’t know who you are. When you aren’t clear on what you offer and why. When you’re afraid to be yourself.

True marketing, is connection. It’s being yourself, and inviting others to be themselves. It’s an invitation to create together. To inspire each other. To reach greatness. Not from a place of missing out, fear, hype or competition.

It’s saying who I am, as I am is enough. And its marketable because its real. Because it’s needed.

Have you ever thought what it would feel like to create an email, from a place of inspiration, rather than some external goal, some cunning lingo, or by using fear (limiters, shaming, preying on fears of survival)?

Or a blog post, that’s only intention is to write from a place of being utterly yourself. In fact…actually writing TO YOURSELF. Instead of some faceless person who you hope will read it, and want to throw money at you?

I feel that we are doing ourselves, and our clients a great disservice when we use these types of tactics…one we’re announcing to ourselves that we’re not good enough as we are – that we need to be someone else to be successful , second we’re announcing to the world (specifically our clients and potential clients) that we think they’re stupid, or uneducated and that its simply not possible for them to make a decision in their own lives, without making them terrified.

That if we don’t make it seem “one of a kind”, “last-minute deal”, only “6 spots left”, “never to be offered again” that they won’t recognize that they need it, that it can help them, that they’d even want to work with you, or buy from you at all.

What does that say about our products and services?

Do we really believe in them, if we think they only way people will buy them is if we trick them?

What if you were to create your product/service, from a place of peace, joy and complete expression of who you are….

Of wanting to truly help yourself, and others?

Instead of just focusing on “is it marketable?”.

The truth is…you don’t need to be posting in 10 Facebook groups 3-5 times a day, having 15 different optins and sales funnels, and 5 different programs in order to make it.

Really..that’s like being walmart isn’t it?

What if what you put out was just REALLY amazing, a full expression of who you are, where you gave so much value (and it was easy to do so because you’re passionate about it)..

And then your “marketing tactic” is just to share that with everyone…write posts from the heart, share them when you feel inclined, talk to people, connect with them, offer your support…

How would that change your business?

How would that change your client relationships?

Your stress?

The kind of momentum and passion behind something like that is monumental.

You’re not a factory, your a real human being, with thoughts, feelings and insights…and you deeply want to connect with other human beings who, like you have amazingness in them and want to share it.

What if that’s all sales is?

Not overcoming objections, and getting their deposit over the phone. But just connecting, offering yourself, and trusting that if they feel drawn, they’re going to want to work with you. Period.

Trusting in their intelligence, their awareness, and trusting that you weren’t just given all this passion only to use it in a way that doesn’t feel true for you, you were given it to share it, authentically and completely WITHOUT holding back. And that by doing so…you would be completely and utterly supported, rather than having to control every single aspect of it yourself (exhausting isn’t it?!)

If you were to take that longing inside of you, the one that just wants to love every aspect of what you do, from sales to marketing, to working with your clients..and just let it happen (without fear that you’re giving too much away for free, that they’ll never buy..etc) what do you think would shift for you?

Would your entire experience of business change?

It has for me.

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