Unfuck your Money Blocks and Claim your Birth-right of Spiritual Wealth.

Even if you can't balance a checkbook, grew up with unhealthy money habits, struggle with pricing your services, or frequently sabotage yourself financially.

(Even if you have tried all-things-productivity, and felt like a complete failure.)

How To Use The Ancient Time-Management System of Lunar Planning To Get More Done In 1/4 Of The Time, Effortlessly Plan Your Launches (3, 6, even 12 Months In Advance), and Finally Master Your Daily Routine By Using Your Natural Moon Rhythm.

Without cloning yourself, Spending a decade decoding astrology books, or reading one single confusing astrological symbol.

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Doors Close In:

(Even if you have tried all-things-productivity, and felt like a complete failure.)

'You get an intuitive hit, the most beautiful, brilliant...genius new idea of what you want to create in your biz....you’re so excited you could jump up and down and scream! ‘Yessssss, OOMMMGGGG, Why didn’t I think of this before??’

Your family doesn’t really get this entrepreneurship thing, so you keep it to yourself mostly, besides you know what they’d say anyways 'you always do this’, or ‘isnt this like that thing you said you were going to do before?', you push the thoughts from your mind...they’re wrong, this is different, you just have this overwhelming feeling about it... “this is it, I know it in my bones, it’s the thing I’m supposed to be doing! It makes so much sense now!"

You grab your favorite notebook, you need to get this all out before you forget, you grip your pen and frantically brain vomit every single detail you can think of onto the page, you write so much your hand starts to cramp, but you don’t care...time seems to stand still, it’s all flowing out so effortlessly, you can’t stop.  Your notes are a mess, you’ve even started to write up the side of the page, but you keep writing.  One page turns to 3, 3 turns to five, everything is here... and then it just stops. You’re done. You lean back in your chair and breathe a deep sigh...’Where did that come from?' You glance at your phone, and it’s been nearly 45 minutes! Wow. You look back at your handful of pages and this immense sense of pride and accomplishment washes over you. This is SO good.

You know that if you don’t jump on it right away, you’re just going to lose your momentum, so you write out all the things you need to do...5 things becomes 10, becomes 20 and soon your entire page is filled with all the steps that need to happen to make this idea a reality. You get a sinking feeling in your stomach, this is huge. Can I even do this? You push the thought from your mind again...’Yes I can do this..it was given to me for a reason.’ But where to begin..which step?

You decide to start by picking one thing, and promise yourself tomorrow you’re going to get working on it. You’ll have an early morning, and you’re going to do it right this time.

But the next day turns into 3 days later and you haven’t even looked at your notebook since then..you begin to feel depressed, and berate yourself “You always do this!" you say...”Why can’t you get it together!? Maybe I’m just not cut out for this...”

And that brilliant idea falls to the wayside, never getting a chance to become even a fraction of what you knew it could be.

And the most tragic part about this never-ending story is that you think that you’re the problem.

  • 72% of Entrepreneurs struggle with mental and emotional wellness and 49% have at least one mental illness (such as ADD, ADHD, Bi-polar Disorder, Depression or Anxiety). In Human Speak - We're Wired DIFFERENTLY.


  • Kids with ADHD are 4x more likely to be entrepreneurs as adults than Non-ADHD kids. We Thrive In DIFFERENT Conditions.


  • Many of the Top Entrepreneurs in the world such as Richard Branson founder of Virgin Airways, and David Neeleman founder and CEO of Jet Blue Airways have ADHD, or similar traits. Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA adapted the inner workings of his company to compensate for his ADHD and Dyslexia. In Order To Thrive We NEED To Work Within A DIFFERENT System.


Being an Entrepreneur Means You're Different...

In fact our kind only represent a small percentage of the population, 12.3% to be exact. We think, feel, work and process things completely different than the other 77.7% of the population.

Even If You Don't Have ADHD...

As an entrepreneur you share similar traits, it’s what makes us great at what we do - taking risks, making big decisions, hyper focusing on our passions, workhorses, quick learners, independent, and out-of-box thinkers, but also it makes us poor planners. (especially when we’re using the wrong system).

If 72% of entrepreneurs have ADHD or similar type tendencies, then wouldn’t it make sense that we also need a different system in which to be our most productive? In which to thrive? One that operates HOW WE THINK.

How many times have you experienced the following?

You wake up, make yourself a cup of coffee and eagerly sit down in front of your laptop. You’ve got this super exciting passion project you’ve been itching to work on for WEEKS, and now your calendar is clear and you have a few uninterrupted hours to work on it. Ahhh, Heaven! Just as you begin to write, you’re hit with this overwhelming feeling of sadness, like the energy has just been sucked out of you. Nothing is wrong or off to make you feel this way, but all of a sudden it feels like you’ve been sucker punched in the gut. You can’t seem to shake it. What’s going on?

You experience a productive streak! You’re on FIRE for a couple of days, getting stuff done like nobody’s business, you must be doing something right! Then *poof* the next day you wake up wanting nothing to do with your biz, finding yourself binge watching your favorite Netflix series instead of following through on what you were working on. What happened?

You realize that in order to create more time in your biz you need to start batching your content and create a funnel, this will save you hours of time during the week and bring you more passive consistent income. You commit to doing it, but then on the day that you’re to put it all together, you get sick and end up lying in bed all day. You never seem to have time to work in any self care. Is this how it’s always going to be?

You finally ‘get it together’ and write up a offer, it’s something your people have been asking you to do for ages, you’re so excited about it! They’re going to love this. You post it on Facebook, but it’s like no one has seen it...hours go by and you’ve only got one like, and no comments, you don’t understand...didn’t they say they wanted this?

You sit down to work on your biz, but you can’t seem to focus, every alert on your phone is distracting you, and you’ve spent 20 minutes trying to pick the right music. Ahh forget it. You go to start writing but then an idea pops into your head and you MUST research it, 30 minutes later you find yourself scrolling your Facebook feed, ughhh. You glance at the clock on your phone, “OMG, how is it 5:30 already??? You got absolutely nothing done! ‘Why does this always happen to me?' You think. Another day wasted.


If you found yourself nodding, and feeling upset with yourself reading this. I didn't write this to upset you. I wrote it because it is a story I've heard a hundred times, and know intimately. I have done every single one of these and more. No shame here. That's why I know this inside and out, it was me. For years.

What we don't realize when this is happening is that these experiences are ALL CONNECTED.


Identifying The REAL Problem, Once And For All.

The 3 Big Ugly Truths...(Unmasking The Wizard Behind The Curtain)

No matter how much you learn, implement and invest....you're struggling (and it's not from not working hard enough, or wanting it enough)

It goes far deeper than the training, the techniques, the cash, or even getting your shit together...let's be real here..

There's an EPICALLY big part of the puzzle missing here - you feel it don't you?

We believe that the single cause of all of our struggles - is US!

But it couldn't be further from the truth.

It's Not 1, It's 3. Three Separate, But Equally Diabolical Things Are Sabotaging Us.

(Hint: None Of Them Are You.)

Big Ugly Truth #1: We're Wired Differently...

Countless Studies Have Been Performed from MIT to Harvard Business School, And All Found The Same Truth - The Entrepreneur Brain Is Different.

From how we make decisions, to which parts of our brain we use, and how we process information...our brains operate differently than a 'normal' brain.

How we organize the information we take in, how we process and manage our time, how we perceive challenges, and how we solve problems...it's all incredibly unique.

But one thing has been proven for certain, we can't expect our different brains to operate the way the average brain does.

When we do, we feel broken, struggle with confidence and ultimately sabotage our goals.

Problem #1 Unmasked: We have Different Brains With Different Needs.

Big Ugly Truth #2: The Calendar System We've Been Using Is Flawed...

The planning systems we've been using follow a rigid, linear format...

A - you set your goal
B - you work towards it, no matter what it takes,
C - You complete your project
D - you celebrate.

Except that's not how it actually happens does it?

We've Been Set Up To Fail.

Not a single one of those courses, planners, hacks or books takes into account that your energy and emotional levels fluctuate throughout the month and day to day. It's a Zero-Sum Game. And yet we've been holding ourselves to these stress-inducing soul-killing systems, that rob us of our energy, creativity, dreams and confidence. We've believed that the reason things aren't working, is because of US. That we are what's broken. But it couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth.

The calendar system we've been using (which only happens to be a little over 400 years old!) operates only on linear energy, put anything else in the system (like a human being with changing energy and emotions) and it falls apart. We need a new system, one that not only allows for the fluctuations, but anticipates them.

We think multi-potentially, not linearly, you couldn’t think in a straight line if you tried, because your brain doesn’t work that way. So why do we use calendars and planning systems that do?

The linear planning system we’ve been using is broken, and it’s time for a new one.  Or much rather, an ancient one, made new.

Problem #2 Unmasked: Our Calendar & Planning Systems Need An Upgrade.

Big Ugly Truth #3: The Moon Is Influencing Our Moods, Energy & Focus (Whether We Realize It Or Not)

The Moon Reflects Whatever It Passes Through...

The moon has been shown to influence everything from human and animal reproduction, fertility, menstruation, behaviour and sleep, our planting cycle, and the ocean's tides. The human body itself is made up of 60% water with the brain alone consisting of 73% water.  Feeling connected to the moon and it's influence isn't only natural, it's biological.

Astrologically speaking, we all have the moon in our birth charts, influencing us in various areas of our lives.  The Moon represents our inner emotional world, and changing mental and energy levels. It also happens to be the fastest moving astrological body, changing phase every 3.5 days and sign every 2.5 days, approximately.

So it is easy to see how we find our emotions, mental focus and energy levels changing so frequently. It's Not YOU, it's The MOON.

If it's powerful enough to influence our menstrual cycles, hormones and emotions every single month, it's powerful enough to shift how you feel throughout the day!

It only makes sense to use this information and apply it to our planning so that we can take advantage of it, instead of being caught off guard by it.

Problem #3 Unmasked: The Moon's Changes Influence Us All The Time.

Three Problems - One Solution.

Lunar Planning is An Ancient System Tens of Thousands of Years Old...

Without It Our Species Wouldn't Have Survived...

From ancient lunar astronomical calendars carved into animal bones 23k years ago, like this one pictured to the right, to the lunar calendars used by the Shang Dynasty in China, humans have been using the Moon to guide their planning for millienia. From planting crops to following herds, to calculating auspicious dates for marriage, the Moon has been our partner.

Lunar Calendars are the oldest and first calendars our species have ever followed. A cyclical calendar that also matched with our own biology and chemical make up. If It has been used for tens of thousands of years, and is still very useful for us today, after all our biology hasn't changed all that much.

The Moonsight Lunar Planning System has Simply Modernized this Age-Old Time Management System Into An Easy-To-Follow & Repeatable Formula That Can Be Used In Your Business Over And Over Again.

Using the Lunar Phases as a Compass for Business Planning and Decision Making

Moonsight Is Your Dismissal Notice...

  • Struggling figuring out what things to focus on in your biz and when - *dismissed*
  • Running yourself so ragged that you hit a wall and get sick - *dismissed*
  • Getting so distracted by your emotions, and fluctuating energy levels that you can’t focus on your work- *dismissed*
  • Brain fog, overwhelm, lack of focus, inconsistent daily routine -*dismissed*
  • Last-minute thrown-together launches that don’t yield enough, because you need *money* -*dismissed*
  • Not being able to plan your launches or schedule ahead of time because you don't know how you’ll be feeling that day...*dismissed* *dismissed* *DISMISSED*


Your planning isn’t just what you write in your calendar, how many posts you schedule on Facebook, or how productive you were on Monday...

It’s your unique natural internal cyclical rhythm which is influenced by your personal and biological connection to the movement of the moon.

I call it your Moon Type. and while this may sound incredibly complex, it's actually FAR easier than what you've been doing.

The Moonsight Planning System is the first and ONLY system of it’s kind to help you accurately predict and work with these cycles so that you can become more productive, fulfilled, focused, and achieve more success by launching your offers during highly charged and prosperous astrological windows.

And when it’s paired with group coaching and support, rituals and intention setting, live planning sessions, and astrologically themed business training, it makes you unstoppable.

From The Biggest Vision, Down To the Smallest Task.

It gives you everything...

  • The 8 Lunar Cycles of Business, the process we move through every single lunar cycle, so that we can know how to work with the energy, and understand our inner calling and resistance, and how to turn it to our advantage.
  • The 4 lunar elements that hold the key to knowing exactly what tasks are best suited every single day of the month
  • The 8 Phase Sales Journey your clients, followers, and prospects move through, that you need to meet through every step of your marketing, before they will connect and buy from you. This is critically tied to your brand story.
  • Astrologically Themed Planning Months to help you stay aligned with each foundational piece in your business.
  • The Lunar Launch Cycle - How to Set up your offers so that prospects are primed to buy before you even publish your sales page.
  • The Daily Actionable strategies you need to help you get hyper-focused, motivated and creating aligned content, offers and sales.
  • The one and only astrological and strategic planning you’ll ever need to structure your business from the inside out, so that you both can thrive.

Welcome To Your New Normal.

Aligning my goals and schedule with the lunar cycles has been the single most powerful and simple change I've made in my business...my only regret is that I didn't discover it sooner.

You're Not The Problem. The System You're Using Is Flawed.

It wasn't until I was about ready to give up on my business, because I simply couldn't keep up, and my to-do-list had turned into a never-gonna-get-done-list that I started to question whether 'I' was the actual problem.

What if the system was flawed? What if it was a system set up to always make you fail? And what if those of us who are more sensitive, intuitive, creative, and visionary simply cannot function let-alone thrive in these old out dated systems...

Hi, I'm Vanessa!

I'm a Psychic Business Coach, mom of three, and no stranger to the chaos of running an online business while navigating this crazy thing we call life. I've run various businesses along side a private coaching practice for the past 20 years, and let me tell you... I've tried every.single.planning.thingie.on.planet.earth (I'm a Virgo sun, can you tell?).

The truth is, if you've been in business for any length of time, you know reality of running an online biz isn't always as glamorous as the internet marketers make it seem. I have yet to see a Piña Colada fit in a sippy cup, but I have tried 😉

For me it has meant juggling ten different tasks and projects, along side homework, sick kids (like this photo with me and my very tired passed out toddler) and lack of sleep. Add that to a never-ending to-do-list and any sane person is going to feel like they're a big giant epic failure.

It wasn't until 2016 that everything changed. Having tried all the systems and planners (which btw expect you to become an emotionless robot), and feeling about ready to give up, I accidentally stumbled upon the connection to the moon phases and emotions. I started to track my emotional and energetic fluctuations, to see if there was a pattern and oh my goodness after the end of the first month, everything made so. much. more. sense!

You mean my productivity home-run came to a screeching halt because the moon entered Cancer?  Is that why I'm super emotional and can't even think of my business? And why I go into a cleaning frenzy when the moon enters Virgo?

All Of A Sudden What Felt Chaotic And Unpredictable
Became Plan-able.

It was a light bulb that went on, and hasn't shut off.  There was no longer a race against the clock.  There was time. So much time. Time for promotion, batching, writing, creating content, resting, journaling, and replenishing. And not only was there time, my business began to thrive.  Since then I have developed the Moonsight Lunar Planning system, helped hundreds of entrepreneurs plan out their businesses with the moon, taught courses on lunar planning and created two planners, with a third in production for 2019.

Lunar Planning changed my life, and I know it can change yours too.

Lunar Planning Is The OLDEST Planning System On Earth.

And Now It's Just Gotten Easier To Use.

The time for feeling guilty for being inconsistent..is gone for good.

Know Your Cycle

Plot Your Course

Plan with the Moon.

Moonsight Planning Lab Is your Productivity Playground.

Over 12 Months Together, I will share with you the exact planning formula I use for all aspects of my online business...

From launches, sales, content creation, big vision planning, daily planning and rhythm, branding, marketing, the client journey, business structure, systems and foundations.

With Lunar Planning there is a Time and Place for everything. Time wasted guessing what to do when, or how to squeeze in self care *gone*

Every step of my planning and productivity system is broken down and revealed. I don’t believe in holding anything back, this is the entire cake. It uses a repeatable, simple system based on the 8 lunar phases.

This is a potent combination of energy and strategy. One that you can repeat consistently every single day and month, and you’ll have the monthly support to do so for all of 2019.

It's All Step By Step.

  • 1

    Chart your shifts and changes

  • 2

    Look at the upcoming moon transits (in totally easy to read format)

  • 3

    Decide what you would like to launch, or what goals you’d like to achieve.

  • 4

    Locate the Power Periods, and Set your dates.

  • 5

    Break Down your steps/tasks by moon element.

And That's It! It Couldn't Get Any Simpler.

❎ No Stress.

❎ No Confusion.

❎ No Overwhelm.

So You Can Get To Creating Your ✨ MAGIC ✨ and growing that BIG, Beautiful Business with ease (while also filling your own cup). When Mama's happy, everyone's happy ; )

Monthly Lunar Business Trainings, Weekly Live Mooncasts, Group Coaching Calls + Psychic Q+A's, Quarterly Live Planning Sessions.

Moonsight Business Training (Released Monthly)

Each month we will focus on the energy and theme of the New Moon. As the Moon moves through the zodiac, and highlights aspects of our business we will use it to focus on advancing that area of our business. The trainings will cover everything from launching, morning routines, batching tasks, the client journey, marketing through the 8 lunar phases and more. Each Training will be released at the beginning of every month, so you can work through it, and receive support as you implement it.

Live Quarterly Planning Sessions

Every 3 Months you will have access to the 2+ hour Live Group Quarterly Planning Sessions, where we will plan out your next 90 days!  Get my eyes on your business and receive any support and insight you need to set yourself up for success and sell out your offers.

Live Mooncasts (Weekly)

Every week during the New, First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter Moons there will be a live Mooncast hosted in our Private Group. The Mooncast will highlight the current lunar energies, how to work with it in your business, and how to prepare for the days ahead.  This is the only opportunity to have access to Mooncasts (except for the Open House Mooncast I will be hosting 1x a month in the Mystic Entrepreneur).

Your Path To a Sane, Productive & Fulfilling 2019.

Monthly Live Group Coaching and Psychic Q+A Hotseats to help you get clarity, connect with and support other lab members, celebrate your wins and get help when needed. On the New Moon & Full Moon we will host a ritual, forecast and Group Psychic Business Coaching Call so that you can get immediate and deep insight into your business as it grows and changes, as well as any help you need with your planning.

Consistent connection with other lab members in an private Facebook group, weekly discussions, opportunities to ask for feedback, get support, share techniques, and buddy up for accountability.

Just because I love surprises! New guest experts, trainings and fun bonuses to be added along the way.

Astrologically Themed Months, Beginning Every New Moon.



This month we'll be tapping into our inner story teller. What stories are you conveying through your marketing, your client pathways, your community?  What emotions and connections do you want to create through your marketing and branding? Your social media, live streams and opt-ins aren't just content, they are an opportunity for connection, and client attraction. We'll be using the 8 Lunar Phases of Marketing Pathway to walk through this journey and amplify it, ensuring that we are meeting the needs of our clients and prospects each and every step of the way.


Don't have time for self-care and spirituality in your business? You will. This month we will be taking time out from all the strategy, and formulas and creating our own inner path to fulfillment and success by tapping into our intuition. This month is about connecting with your divine creativity, creating an intuitive practice for yourself, and blocking off self-care so that it becomes automatic. When we put our self-care first, we can reward ourselves with productivity and our cups will be nourished enough to sustain what we are creating. Think intuition tools, dream work, journaling and more. This also happens to be our second live quarterly planning session, I couldn't imagine a better space to create from.


This month we will be talking all things launch! What is your launch strategy? What have been your experiences with launching? I will be sharing with you the Moonsight Launch Strategy, so that you can take your offers, packages and programs to the next level. Think 8 Lunar Phases of Marketing, Ultimate Task Planning & Cart Open + Close Strategies!  How to get people excited about your offers, how to create curiosity, and how to get the feedback you need to create amazing offers that sell themselves. Which moons are best to start a launch, close a launch and more.  Feel the fire!


This month is all about expanding our comfort zone. Creating the rhythms that nourish us, the lifestyles that lift us up and allow us to create and offer more to the world.  We'll be going over everything from creating and perfecting your morning routine (and night if you wish) by the moon, and we'll also be doing another deep dive into our finances. Our relationship to money, how to create more of it, and healing past wounds. I'll be sharing some of my favorite money tracking, and attraction processes. Bring it on!


This month is all about leveraging our multi-tasking potential! How to take advantage of air moons, and work within their sometimes frustrating energy.  We'll be talking a lot about the brain and focus this month and how to leverage your sometimes wild entrepreneurial brain to do your work faster, with more focus, quality and ease.  Not to mention setting up fail-safe methods to distraction proof your zone of genius!  We'll be talking neuro-diversity, neuro-health, hyper-focus, and what tools and techniques you can use to get yourself out of the distraction zone and into the creative zone.


Do you get swept up in water moons? Do you find your emotions hinder you from creating your best work and getting the important stuff in your business? Do you feel like you're often sabotaged by how you feel? This month we'll be navigating our mindset around emotions, how to cut through emotional overwhelm and upleveling is just on the other side of these storms. I'll be sharing my best tips on how to navigate these periods (I'm a Pisces Moon, so I get it!) and how we can empower ourselves through these periods to become even more connected to our vision.


How do you achieve your goals? How do you do it consistently? How do you step more fully into your vision and become the leader and the visionary guide? Learning to become the guide in our marketing is the key not only to impactful messaging, but also consistent income.  We'll be talking goal-setting, leadership, and helping your clients along their biggest journeys using the 8 Lunar Phases of Marketing & The Client Journey. This month is all about cultivating passionate brand loyalty with your following.


There is no other sign in the zodiac more suited to getting shit done than Virgo. This month we'll be diving head first into systems, funnels and how to epically get shit done in your business.  This is a powerhouse month where we'll be re-visioning our goals, re-calibrating our direction and building some very important foundational pieces. Those ideas you had at the beginning of the year, we're going to make some big progress on them this month, so that you can wrap up the year with a giant smile on your face, and a firmer hold on your biz.


This month we'll be focusing on connections, collaborations and getting your name out into the world - the gift that is PR.  Often PR, and getting ourselves featured tends to be the LAST thing we focus on, the thing we'll tell ourselves that we'll focus on when all of the fires have been put out and things are going 'smoothly' but you're building a business faster than it has resources to accommodate, it's always going to feel a bit jerky.  PR is the thing that keeps your wheels in motion, generates attention, clients, and collaborations. So this month we'll be making time to pull out the big guns.


Let's take a walk on the dark-side darling. This month we'll be going into our shadow, uncovering the things we don't like to talk about in the online space, and casting a light on it.  When we use our shadow, our pain, our wounds as a source of fuel and empowerment, we not only heal ourselves, we heal others.  This month we'll be looking at the core of our businesses, their story, your story and how we can transform this into a seed of empowerment. Using our intuition to cultivate our most powerful magic. Be prepared to go deep.  Your business and bank account will thank you for it.


This month we'll be diving into our 2020 Planning from a Creative and Excitement-Based Space. What have you accomplished during this year, what do you want to create for 2020 and how can you create it with a lot more fun and adventure?  Special Trainings to help you tap into your heart's desire and create in partnership with source.



Are you ready to create a legacy? How many of your current structures in your business are able to support you in taking time away, in focusing on your passion projects, in creating automated income? You've already proven that you're willing to work hard, let's shift that energy into working smart, so that you can create a financial future for yourself, and stop settling for breadcrumbs or 'just how it's done', and start creating the business that will become an asset for you, your family and your future.  This month we'll be diving head first into the best ways for you to create that long-term success, through systemization, automation, and long-term marketing structures.

Plus IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the following trainings:


*Instant Access NOW! (Training, 1st Quarter Planning Session & Mooncasts Available Immediately) FREE BONUS*

This training we will clarify our vision for 2019, outline our heart-bursting goals, create a vision board, and begin a Moon Journaling practice. We will run a full business assessment - of 2018, our current business assets and create our master plan for 2019. This month will also included the first of four Live Group Planning Sessions, aimed at mapping out, planning and scheduling our first quarter 2019 goals and launches.


*Instant Access NOW! (Training, BONUS Moon Transit Training & Mooncasts Available Immediately) FREE BONUS*

Kicking Off The New Year With A Bang! This month we dive headfirst into our finances, including our money mindset. We'll set big income goals, to keep ourselves stretched and working outside of our comfort zone (aka. Your Zone of Genius). We'll be going over our business foundations, what systems do you have in place, which ones do you need to grow and thrive? I'll be sharing doing a walk through of my own systems and tools, and how to decide which ones you need for this year.

And that's not all...

A Custom Made Genuine Crystal Talisman Necklace From Jewelry Designer Amber Bryce. $150 Value

You wake up in the morning, not to a sense of dread, or from a restless night’s sleep spent worrying and beating yourself up, but to a completely mapped out week, filled with things you actually are looking forward to doing, all because you spent a few hours at the beginning of the month looking at the moon forecast.

As you sip your still-hot coffee you open your planner, and look at the current elements and your list of tasks...hmmm..a fire moon...yummmm...what should I work on first? You hum to yourself.

You dive in, and spend the day cranking out two sales pages, and dropping a couple selfies in your group, to get them excited....and are met with a stream of likes, hearts and comments! A smile washes over your face, and you realize that things haven’t felt this easy and good, in a long time.

You feel so on fire, this is your best work yet, your community already wants it and you haven’t even finished it yet. Tomorrow you’ll put together your email sequence, and share the sign up page, and then voila. Fini. You decide to take the rest of the day off, because you got more done today than you used to in weeks before you began lunar planning, and you know that tomorrow will be just as productive as it was today (another fire moon day!). You feel free, excited and lit up in your business..and you’ve already booked your massage for a couple days later, when the moon goes into water.

You have never been happier.

Now picture this...

What if there was a system that allowed you to do this....plan for the days when you would be most productive, the most intuitive, the most creative, and the most practical - that could predict how you would feel energetically, emotionally, and mentally, days, weeks even months ahead of time. So that you could schedule those days to be aligned with what you needed most to thrive?

Doors Are Now Open - Enrollment Ends February 28th.

The Time For Waiting Is Over.

Even if you’ve never been able to follow any sort of schedule...

Even if the thought of scheduling your time makes your chest tight, and want to run out of the room...

Even if you think scheduling your days or weeks would kill your creativity...

Even if you've bought all the planners, productivity apps, and time management systems only to feel like an epic failure...

Even if you are a productivity master, and simply looking for a way to tweak your schedule to make it better, easier or more efficient...

The Truth is this....

Moonsight is the ONLY system on the planet that makes you a ‘The Queen Bee of Productivity & Focus' in your business WITHOUT having to learn decades of astrology, or even a SINGLE astrological symbol.

It's time to stop settling for duct-tape & short fixes.

New Moon
(for 12 months)

$1,146 In Bonuses!

  • Moonsight Business Training - Released Once Per Month
  • Live Mooncasts + Lunar Rituals (4 Per Month)
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching + Psychic Q+A Calls
  • Private Facebook Community for Support
  • BONUS: Quarterly Live Group Planning Sessions ($800 Value)
  • BONUS: Printable Copy of 2019 Moonsight Planner ($32 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Digital Calendar For Google/iCal ($17 Value)
  • BONUS: Moon Spirit Retreat - Access ($297 Value)
Quarterly Moon
$297(every 3 months)

$1,436 In Bonuses!

  • Moonsight Business Training - Released Once Per Month
  • Live Mooncasts + Lunar Rituals (4 Per Month)
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching + Psychic Q+A Calls
  • Private Facebook Community for Support
  • BONUS: Quarterly Live Group Planning Sessions ($800 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Moonsight Planner Quarterly Planner Bundle (shipped worldwide) ($125 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Digital Calendar For Google/iCal ($17 Value)
  • BONUS: Moon Spirit Retreat - Access ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: 30-Minute Private Planning Session with Vanessa ($197 Value)

The Only Planning System Designed With You In Mind...

In fact it has been around longer than any of us, and without it our species wouldn’t have survived. It’s the Oldest Planning System in Existence. That gives it a whole 'lotta street cred.

And the best thing about this lab, is that you can’t make a mistake. This system, it becomes your system, like a cloak you wear, it’s so natural it feels like an extension of you, like a super hero shield. Deflecting anything that’s not for you.

This isn’t about turning you into a robot of productivity and focus, it’s simply about helping you tune into your natural flow so that you can start working with it, and planning for it. Lunar Planning means that ALL of your needs are addressed. By implementing a few simple steps into your business, and planning, you will experience immediate results.

Let's face it...

The next 12 months are going to pass you by anyways...just like 2018 has nearly left us in it’s dust. Will you spend it going through the same-o-lame-o inconsistent techniques, and getting the same-o-lame-o inconsistent results?

Or will you grab your crown, and decide to step up on that throne and lead this thing?

New Moon
(for 12 months)

$1,146 In Bonuses!

  • Moonsight Business Training - Released Once Per Month
  • Live Mooncasts + Lunar Rituals (4 Per Month)
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching + Psychic Q+A Calls
  • Private Facebook Community for Support
  • BONUS: Quarterly Live Group Planning Sessions ($800 Value)
  • BONUS: Printable Copy of 2019 Moonsight Planner ($32 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Digital Calendar For Google/iCal ($17 Value)
  • BONUS: Moon Spirit Retreat - Access ($297 Value)
Quarterly Moon
$297(every 3 months)

$1,436 In Bonuses!

  • Moonsight Business Training - Released Once Per Month
  • Live Mooncasts + Lunar Rituals (4 Per Month)
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching + Psychic Q+A Calls
  • Private Facebook Community for Support
  • BONUS: Quarterly Live Group Planning Sessions ($800 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Moonsight Planner Quarterly Planner Bundle (shipped worldwide) ($125 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Digital Calendar For Google/iCal ($17 Value)
  • BONUS: Moon Spirit Retreat - Access ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: 30-Minute Private Planning Session with Vanessa ($197 Value)

A's To Your Q's

  • q-iconCan't I just take the planner and do this myself?

    You absolutely can work with the planner and use the moon phases and elements to plan and schedule your marketing and daily tasks. This Lab is for those who wish to take their planning deeper and apply the 8 lunar phases to their marketing, advertising, branding, client journey, and launches. However this information will only be this mentorship, so if you are wanting to go deeper with it, and get support as you apply it, I recommend enrolling.

  • q-iconDo you offer refunds?

    No, this is a 12 month commitment.
    If you are uncertain about using lunar planning in your business I recommend trying a sample of the planner, or purchasing a copy of the planner yourself and giving it a try first. If you are uncertain whether this is for you, or what it’s like to work with me I recommend booking a free 60 minute clarity call with me first (you can do this by emailing me at vanessa@vanessacorazon.com) so that you can get a feel for how I work and if this is something that is in alignment with what you need right now and want to create. Once payment has been made there are no refunds offered in this program.

  • q-iconIs this just a bunch of basic business advice I can find anywhere?

    No, this information is entirely based on the 8 Lunar Phases of Business, and will not be found anywhere else. I will be sharing my personal experiences and inside peeks into my systems, structures and launches so that you can see how it can be applied into yours. I will not be telling you what to do, but simply showing you what is possible, and giving you the tools through the 8 phase system.

  • q-iconHow is this different from other coaching or business programs?

    Most coaching, business and planning programs are set up in a linear format, a series of steps, a cookie-cutter formula, they don’t take into account who you are, your habits, patterns, specific challenges and life circumstances, budget or exact goals, let alone your gifts, passions or excitements or astrological uniqueness. Their ‘success’ is entirely based upon you following that exact formula -whether you want those specific results, outcomes or even if that system doesn’t feel good to you. These systems and programs are delivered in a very linear fashion, often with the idea of delivering as much content as possible so you feel like you get your money’s worth – what they don’t take into account is you actually implementing the information, or delivering it to you in such a way that you can implement it (without being overwhelmed or burning out). Moonsight Lab takes all of that into account and more, there is no ‘formula’ except your own, that which is written inside of you and completely natural for you. It’s your path, your way forward, and based entirely upon your gifts, goals and patterns.  We work through it entirely together, it is life and business coaching to an entirely new level.

  • q-iconIs this for newbies or seasoned entrepreneurs/coaches/creatives?

    Both. The layout of the calls and structure remains pretty much the same no matter your experience and circumstances but what we cover in each training can be applied for all businesses, you will be working with this and making it specific to your own industry, goals, style of working, and specific needs.

  • q-iconWhat happens after I buy?

    After you click the purchase button you will be taken to a second page where the final total will be confirmed (whether paying in full, or payment plan), from there you will click the buy now button (with paypal) and be taken to your paypal account/or given the opportunity to enter your credit card details if you don’t have a paypal account.  After payment has been processed I will contact you within 24-72 hours (if it’s the weekend) and give you the next steps on how to access the private facebook community, your bonuses and any other details.

  • q-iconWhat if I can't make the calls live?

    For the monthly trainings, these will be pre-recorded (unless otherwise stated), for the Mooncasts & Live Group Coaching Calls I will announce the dates and times for these ahead of time. If you cannot make it live for any reason, please feel free to submit questions to me ahead of time, the replays will also be available for you to watch at any time. You will have full access to all recordings for the entire 12 months  you are enrolled in the program.

  • q-iconWhen is the start date of the program?

    Enrollment is currently open until February 28th, 2019, you will be given access to all previous trainings and Mooncasts immediately, with your official start date being the date you join from. There will be other openings for the program, but they will have different bonuses and may not be at the same introductory price.

Are you ready to make 2019 your Year?

There is no product or service that I've engaged in my business that has provided as much ease, grace and results as learning to plan to the moon. It's another level of being seen and heard by the Universe, and we get to do it together in a lovely group, lead by a lovely leader, Vanessa. Since being in The Lab I've had my best month ever in my business, my best January ever in my business and have completely reorganized my offerings to be in alignment with my truest expression. I'm letting my essence and energy lead the way versus trying to figure it out with my head or hustle.

Beverly Sartain
Beverly Sartain Recovery Life Management

Before starting with Vanessa in the Lunar Planning lab, I felt like I was doing a pretty good job of listening to my intuition and developing a good flow for my business tasks. However, this did not help me with successful launches or dealing with unexpected life moments! Consequently, I would cycle through low and high moods, and "I don't wanna" feelings when it came time again to offer my programs to my community.

It turns out that certain moon phases and elements impact these feelings of resistance. After joining the Lunar Planning lab, I have a deeper appreciation for what I need in order to feel calm, collected, and confident for not just my business efforts but also my family dynamics.(I have been fascinated by how differently my children act than I do at certain phases!)

Now, I don't feel pressured to just "get it done". Instead, I look a few days ahead to see what is coming up, with full belief in knowing the right time is there for every business move. I am more intentional about the limited daytime hours I have to have a successful business, and sometimes even am finished with my most important steps before noon!  I love this process so much that even my kids ask what element the moon is in! I can't wait to dive deeper into this process for a more relaxing and enjoyable summer with my family, instead of stressing about where my next client will come from.

Thank you, Vanessa, for putting a name to the a process I had started tapping into on my own, and now can master through the lab!

Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami
Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami WeightlessChronicles.com

Three Paths Diverged In A Wood...

Path no.1: You can decide to do nothing, and keep running after coaches, buying pretty notebooks, and planners, and hoping they will help you get more productive and organized...

Path no.2: You can try to work with all 8 Lunar Phases, and it will probably work a lot better than what you have been doing, but something tells me that you want more than just ‘better’, right?

Or, you can decide that you’re ready to go all in - Path No.3: Get the ‘All Access Pass' to Moonsight Planning Lab and take your planning, productivity, and focus to the next level with the 8 lunar phases of business, the 4 lunar elements, The 8 Phase Sales Journey, and the Lunar Launch Cycle, and finally catapult your business to it’s rightful place in 2019.

New Moon
(for 12 months)

$1,146 In Bonuses!

  • Moonsight Business Training - Released Once Per Month
  • Live Mooncasts + Lunar Rituals (4 Per Month)
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching + Psychic Q+A Calls
  • Private Facebook Community for Support
  • BONUS: Quarterly Live Group Planning Sessions ($800 Value)
  • BONUS: Printable Copy of 2019 Moonsight Planner ($32 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Digital Calendar For Google/iCal ($17 Value)
  • BONUS: Moon Spirit Retreat - Access ($297 Value)
Quarterly Moon
$297(every 3 months)

$1,436 In Bonuses!

  • Moonsight Business Training - Released Once Per Month
  • Live Mooncasts + Lunar Rituals (4 Per Month)
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching + Psychic Q+A Calls
  • Private Facebook Community for Support
  • BONUS: Quarterly Live Group Planning Sessions ($800 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Moonsight Planner Quarterly Planner Bundle (shipped worldwide) ($125 Value)
  • BONUS: 2019 Digital Calendar For Google/iCal ($17 Value)
  • BONUS: Moon Spirit Retreat - Access ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: 30-Minute Private Planning Session with Vanessa ($197 Value)