How To Use The Ancient Time-Management System of Lunar Planning To Get More Done In 1/4 Of The Time, Effortlessly Plan Your Launches (3, 6, even 12 Months In Advance), and Finally Master Your Daily Routine By Using Your Natural Moon Rhythm.

Without cloning yourself, Spending a decade decoding astrology books, or reading one single confusing astrological symbol.

(Even if you have tried all-things-productivity, and felt like a complete failure.)

'You get an intuitive hit, the most beautiful, brilliant...genius new idea of what you want to create in your’re so excited you could jump up and down and scream! ‘Yessssss, OOMMMGGGG, Why didn’t I think of this before??’

Your family doesn’t really get this entrepreneurship thing, so you keep it to yourself mostly, besides you know what they’d say anyways 'you always do this’, or ‘isnt this like that thing you said you were going to do before?', you push the thoughts from your mind...they’re wrong, this is different, you just have this overwhelming feeling about it... “this is it, I know it in my bones, it’s the thing I’m supposed to be doing! It makes so much sense now!"

You grab your favorite notebook, you need to get this all out before you forget, you grip your pen and frantically brain vomit every single detail you can think of onto the page, you write so much your hand starts to cramp, but you don’t care...time seems to stand still, it’s all flowing out so effortlessly, you can’t stop.  Your notes are a mess, you’ve even started to write up the side of the page, but you keep writing.  One page turns to 3, 3 turns to five, everything is here... and then it just stops. You’re done. You lean back in your chair and breathe a deep sigh...’Where did that come from?' You glance at your phone, and it’s been nearly 45 minutes! Wow. You look back at your handful of pages and this immense sense of pride and accomplishment washes over you. This is SO good.

You know that if you don’t jump on it right away, you’re just going to lose your momentum, so you write out all the things you need to do...5 things becomes 10, becomes 20 and soon your entire page is filled with all the steps that need to happen to make this idea a reality. You get a sinking feeling in your stomach, this is huge. Can I even do this? You push the thought from your mind again...’Yes I can do was given to me for a reason.’ But where to begin..which step?

You decide to start by picking one thing, and promise yourself tomorrow you’re going to get working on it. You’ll have an early morning, and you’re going to do it right this time.

But the next day turns into 3 days later and you haven’t even looked at your notebook since begin to feel depressed, and berate yourself “You always do this!" you say...”Why can’t you get it together!? Maybe I’m just not cut out for this...”

And that brilliant idea falls to the wayside, never getting a chance to become even a fraction of what you knew it could be.

And the most tragic part about this never-ending story is that you think that you’re the problem.

  • 72% of Entrepreneurs struggle with mental and emotional wellness and 49% have at least one mental illness (such as ADD, ADHD, Bi-polar Disorder, Depression or Anxiety). In Human Speak - We're Wired DIFFERENTLY.


  • Kids with ADHD are 4x more likely to be entrepreneurs as adults than Non-ADHD kids. We Thrive In DIFFERENT Conditions.


  • Many of the Top Entrepreneurs in the world such as Richard Branson founder of Virgin Airways, and David Neeleman founder and CEO of Jet Blue Airways have ADHD, or similar traits. Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA adapted the inner workings of his company to compensate for his ADHD and Dyslexia. In Order To Thrive We NEED To Work Within A DIFFERENT System.


Being an Entrepreneur Means You're Different...

In fact our kind only represent a small percentage of the population, 12.3% to be exact. We think, feel, work and process things completely different than the other 77.7% of the population.

Even If You Don't Have ADHD...

As an entrepreneur you share similar traits, it’s what makes us great at what we do - taking risks, making big decisions, hyper focusing on our passions, workhorses, quick learners, independent, and out-of-box thinkers, but also it makes us poor planners. (especially when we’re using the wrong system).

If 72% of entrepreneurs have ADHD or similar type tendencies, then wouldn’t it make sense that we also need a different system in which to be our most productive? In which to thrive? One that operates HOW WE THINK.

How many times have you experienced the following?

You wake up, make yourself a cup of coffee and eagerly sit down in front of your laptop. You’ve got this super exciting passion project you’ve been itching to work on for WEEKS, and now your calendar is clear and you have a few uninterrupted hours to work on it. Ahhh, Heaven! Just as you begin to write, you’re hit with this overwhelming feeling of sadness, like the energy has just been sucked out of you. Nothing is wrong or off to make you feel this way, but all of a sudden it feels like you’ve been sucker punched in the gut. You can’t seem to shake it. What’s going on?

You experience a productive streak! You’re on FIRE for a couple of days, getting stuff done like nobody’s business, you must be doing something right! Then *poof* the next day you wake up wanting nothing to do with your biz, finding yourself binge watching your favorite Netflix series instead of following through on what you were working on. What happened?

You realize that in order to create more time in your biz you need to start batching your content and create a funnel, this will save you hours of time during the week and bring you more passive consistent income. You commit to doing it, but then on the day that you’re to put it all together, you get sick and end up lying in bed all day. You never seem to have time to work in any self care. Is this how it’s always going to be?

You finally ‘get it together’ and write up a offer, it’s something your people have been asking you to do for ages, you’re so excited about it! They’re going to love this. You post it on Facebook, but it’s like no one has seen it...hours go by and you’ve only got one like, and no comments, you don’t understand...didn’t they say they wanted this?

You sit down to work on your biz, but you can’t seem to focus, every alert on your phone is distracting you, and you’ve spent 20 minutes trying to pick the right music. Ahh forget it. You go to start writing but then an idea pops into your head and you MUST research it, 30 minutes later you find yourself scrolling your Facebook feed, ughhh. You glance at the clock on your phone, “OMG, how is it 5:30 already??? You got absolutely nothing done! ‘Why does this always happen to me?' You think. Another day wasted.


If you found yourself nodding, and feeling upset with yourself reading this. I didn't write this to upset you. I wrote it because it is a story I've heard a hundred times, and know intimately. I have done every single one of these and more. No shame here. That's why I know this inside and out, it was me. For years.

What we don't realize when this is happening is that these experiences are ALL CONNECTED.


Identifying The REAL Problem, Once And For All.

The 3 Big Ugly Truths...(Unmasking The Wizard Behind The Curtain)

No matter how much you learn, implement and're struggling (and it's not from not working hard enough, or wanting it enough)

It goes far deeper than the training, the techniques, the cash, or even getting your shit together...let's be real here..

There's an EPICALLY big part of the puzzle missing here - you feel it don't you?

We believe that the single cause of all of our struggles - is US!

But it couldn't be further from the truth.

It's Not 1, It's 3. Three Separate, But Equally Diabolical Things Are Sabotaging Us.

(Hint: None Of Them Are You.)

Big Ugly Truth #1: We're Wired Differently...

Countless Studies Have Been Performed from MIT to Harvard Business School, And All Found The Same Truth - The Entrepreneur Brain Is Different.

From how we make decisions, to which parts of our brain we use, and how we process information...our brains operate differently than a 'normal' brain.

How we organize the information we take in, how we process and manage our time, how we perceive challenges, and how we solve's all incredibly unique.

But one thing has been proven for certain, we can't expect our different brains to operate the way the average brain does.

When we do, we feel broken, struggle with confidence and ultimately sabotage our goals.

Problem #1 Unmasked: We have Different Brains With Different Needs.

Big Ugly Truth #2: The Calendar System We've Been Using Is Flawed...

The planning systems we've been using follow a rigid, linear format...

A - you set your goal
B - you work towards it, no matter what it takes,
C - You complete your project
D - you celebrate.

Except that's not how it actually happens does it?

We've Been Set Up To Fail.

Not a single one of those courses, planners, hacks or books takes into account that your energy and emotional levels fluctuate throughout the month and day to day. It's a Zero-Sum Game. And yet we've been holding ourselves to these stress-inducing soul-killing systems, that rob us of our energy, creativity, dreams and confidence. We've believed that the reason things aren't working, is because of US. That we are what's broken. But it couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth.

The system we've been using only operates with linear energy, putting anything else in the system (like a human being with changing energy and emotions) and it falls apart. We need a new system, one that not only allows for the fluctuations, but anticipates them.

We think multi-potentially, not linearly, you couldn’t think in a straight line if you tried, because your brain doesn’t work that way. So why do we use calendars and planning systems that do?

The linear planning system we’ve been using is broken, and it’s time for a new one.  Or much rather, an ancient one, made new.

Problem #2 Unmasked: Our Calendar & Planning Systems Need An Upgrade.

Big Ugly Truth #3: The Moon Is Influencing Our Moods, Energy & Focus (Whether We Realize It Or Not)

The Moon Reflects Whatever It Passes Through...

The moon has been shown to influence everything from human and animal reproduction, fertility, menstruation, behaviour and sleep, our planting cycle, and the ocean's tides. The human body itself is made up of 60% water with the brain alone consisting of 73% water.  Feeling connected to the moon and it's influence seems only natural.

Astrologically speaking, we all have the moon in our birth charts, influencing us in various areas of our lives.  The Moon represents our inner emotional world, and changing mental and energy levels. It also happens to be the fastest moving astrological body, changing phase every 3.5 days and sign every 2.5 days, approximately.

So it is easy to see how we find our emotions, mental focus and energy levels changing so frequently. It's Not YOU, it's The MOON.

If it's powerful enough to influence our menstrual cycles, hormones and emotions every single month, it's powerful enough to shift how you feel throughout the day!

It only makes sense to use this information and apply it to our planning so that we can take advantage of it, instead of being caught off guard by it.

Problem #3 Unmasked: The Moon's Changes Influence Us All The Time.

Three Problems - One Solution.

Lunar Planning is An Ancient System Tens of Thousands of Years Old...

Without It Our Species Wouldn't Have Survived...

From ancient lunar astronomical calendars carved into animal bones 23k years ago, to the lunar calendars used by the Shang Dynasty in China, humans have been using the moon to guide their planning. From planting crops to following herds, to calculating auspicious dates for marriage, the moon has been our partner.

Moonsight Lunar Planning System has simply modernized this process so that you can use it everyday in your business.  Without needing to read

Using the Lunar Phases as a Compass for Business Planning and Decision Making

When we work in accordance with the cycles of the moon - we thrive.

All of life operates within a rhythm - and the moon is no exception to this.

From the ocean and it's tides, to the planting and growing cycles of our food and ecological system, menstrual and mating cycles and even the behaviors and adaptions of our animal and ocean life follows and is guided by the lunar cycles.

Given that the human body is nearly 80% water, it's not a far stretch to understand that if it can guide and affect a body as large as the oceans, it's likely that we too are impacted by the moon's natural cycles.

Understanding how the lunar cycles can best be used from planting your own seeds, to harvesting the fruits of your labors is the beginning of tapping into the natural flow and alignment we deeply seek in our personal and work lives.

We are already impacted by this, whether we have realized it or not, but imagine the profound changes that can happen when we actively involve ourselves in it, and use this ancient method of natural planning (as practiced by our ancestors before us) in a conscious way.

Then you can anticipate your ups and downs more easily and the most opportune times to launch, market, partner, envision and plan your next big goals, and integrate them as a part of your schedule.

It is when we make plans, push through, and try to "make it happen" without understanding or working within these natural rhythms that we struggle..failed launches, burn out, overwhelm, feeling like we need to rest, or being struck by low energy or depressive doubting thoughts while in the middle of a big project, waiting too long to plan or execute, or not having the reserves to see it through...after having several failed launches myself, finding myself binge watching Netflix instead of finishing up the important tasks in my business I knew something had to change...

  • Struggling figuring out what things to focus on in your biz and when - *delete*
  • Running yourself so ragged that you hit a wall and get sick - *delete*
  • Getting so distracted by your emotions, and fluctuating energy levels that you can’t focus on your work *delete*
  • Brain fog, overwhelm, lack of focus, inconsistent daily routine *delete*
  • Last minute thrown together launches that don’t yield enough, because you need *money* *delete*
  • Not being able to plan your launches or schedule ahead of time because you don't know how you’ll be feeling that day...*delete*


Your planning isn’t just what you write in your calendar, how many posts you schedule on Facebook, or how productive you were on Monday - It’s your unique natural internal cyclical rhythm which is influenced by your personal and biological connection to the movement of the moon. I call it your Moon Type. and while this may sound incredibly complex, it's actually FAR easier than what you've been doing. The Moonsight Planning System is the first and ONLY system of it’s kind to help you accurately predict and work with these cycles so that you can become more productive, fulfilled, focused, and achieve more success by launching your offers during highly charged and prosperous astrological windows. And when it’s paired with group coaching and support, rituals and intention setting, live planning sessions, and astrologically themed business training, it makes you unstoppable.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Cycles And Rhythms....It’s Got You Covered. .

From The Biggest Vision, Down To the Smallest Task.

It gives you everything…

The 8 Lunar Cycles of Business, the process we move through every single lunar cycle, so that we can know how to work with the energy, and understand our inner calling and resistance, and how to turn it to our advantage.

The 4 lunar elements that hold the key to knowing exactly what tasks are best suited every single day of the month

The 8 Phase Sales Journey your clients, followers, and prospects move through, that you need to meet through every step of your marketing, before they will connect and buy from you. This is critically tied to your brand story.

Astrologically Themed Planning Months to help you stay aligned with each foundational piece in your business.

The Lunar Launch Cycle - How to Set up your offers so that prospects are primed to buy before you even publish your sales page.

The Daily actionable strategies you need to help you get hyper-focused, motivated and creating aligned content, offers and sales.

The one and only astrological and strategic planning you’ll ever need to structure your business from the inside out, so that you both can thrive.

Having your launches mapped out 3, 6 even 12 months in advance?

Knowing your daily, weekly, and monthly productivity rhythm so that you are always doing the right things in your business for it’s continued growth?

Always feeling excited about your work, because you get to hang out in your creative zone of genius aka your moon juice, every single day?

Aligning my goals and schedule with the lunar cycles has been the single most powerful and simple change I've made in my only regret is that I didn't discover it sooner.

A bit about me....

Hi, I’m Vanessa,

I converted my previously offline business of over 15 years to a fully online one in 2015, and the first year was....lackluster to say the least. I consumed all the courses I could find, employed every productivity app, planner and strategy, but I was still drowning, in myself.

I couldn’t stay focused, my big ideas were all over the place, I wasn’t doing anything consistently very well (trying to do everything at once, has that effect), and while I had some minor successes they were short lived. My emotions, energy and mental focus were derailing my chances at success, and It was costing me my relationship with my husband, and worse yet, my confidence in myself. After flailing around for months, I sunk into a depression. I became convinced that there was something mentally or chemically imbalanced in me, I felt broken.

It wasn’t until I began tracking my mental, emotional and energetic fluctuations with hopes of finding a pattern, and eventually compared them to the moon’s transits that everything changed.

Since then I have:

Published three editions of the Moonsight Lunar-Guided Business Planner (the 2019 edition is now available for pre-order!)

Written The Moonsight Lunar Planning System paperback (to be available on Amazon in Jan. 2019)

Shared the Moonsight Planning System with over 1500 people.

Sold out my own launches as well as helped clients sell out theirs, including helping one client take a flailing low 5 figure launch (which didn’t cover the cost of her facebook ads) to over $89k.

Helped another client remove herself from her business entirely in less than 2 months, and it’s now growing and earning more than it did before..she has so much time now she doesn’t know what to do with herself (a great problem to have 😉 )

And most importantly every single thing I launch is aligned, and in flow.

2018 has been my most productive year yet, and I can’t wait for 2019 to knock it out of the park.

Never blame yourself for not being consistent..ever again.

Know Your Cycle

Plot Your Course

Plan with the Moon

so that you can own your business, instead of it owning you.

You went into business for yourself, to feel free, to create, to be your own boss. When we can manage our time and energy, and can predict what’s coming next and how to leverage it for our own success, everything changes.

Moonsight Planning Lab Is your Productivity Playground.

Over 12 Months Together, I will share with you the exact planning formula I use for all aspects of my online business...

From launches, sales, content creation, big vision planning, daily planning and rhythm, branding, marketing, the client journey, business structure, systems and foundations.

With Lunar Planning there is a Time and Place for everything. Time wasted guessing what to do when, or how to squeeze in self care *gone*

Every step of my planning and productivity system is revealed in absolute detail. I don’t believe in holding anything back, this is the entire cake. It uses a repeatable, simple system based on the 8 lunar phases.

This is a potent combination of energy and strategy. One that you can repeat consistently every single day and month, and you’ll have the monthly support to do so for all of 2019.

It's All Step By Step.

Step 1) Chart your shifts and changes

Step 2) Look at the upcoming moon transits (in totally easy to read format)

Step 3) Decide what you would like to launch, or what goals you’d like to achieve. & Follow the Lunar Planning Template.

Step 4) Locate the Power Periods, and Set your dates.

Step 5) Break Down your steps/tasks by moon element.

And you’re done. No stress, no overwhelm and no failure.

So you can get to creating your magic, and growing that big beautiful business with ease (while also filing your own cup)

Personalized 1:1 Psychic Biz Coaching+
Astrological Support +
The 8 Lunar Phases Of Business =

Personalized Psychic Business Coaching

Understanding yourself, your blocks, your gifts and what makes you unique is the fastest way to business and life fulfillment and success. You have your own magic that makes you shine - so why take coaching and programs that stick you into a box or formula? 1:1 Intuitive support keeps you from getting stuck and helps you to quickly re-align your direction at every turn so that you not only stay on track, but also feel good getting there. Imagine how much easier, clearer and focused your work, offers and launches could be if you no longer had to second-guess yourself, struggle to decide what pieces should be done first, or succumb to upper-limit issues because you had intuitive support to help you cut through it all quickly.

The 8 Lunar Phases Of Business

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can so quickly go from feeling pumped, excited and productive in your business, checking off those tasks on your to-do list like a powerhouse, only to find a few days later that your energy is though the floor, you want everyone to leave you alone, and you're binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix like the season is ending..rather than working on your business? The moon phase changed. The moon is a powerful force in our lives, and when we work within it's cycles like all of nature, we find it becomes easy to create flow and fulfillment in our business and life - because everything has a time and place (creation, production, work, rest, introspection, planning and processing). There are key astrological periods that are ideal for launching, advertising, forming partnerships, rest and planning. Utilizing these periods allows everything else to flow more easily and effortlessly, and puts an end to that feeling of pushing a rock uphill or needing to "make it happen".

Monthly Astrological Support

Group Astrological Readings + Support to help you move through challenging astrological periods that can impact your life and business, to give you advanced understanding of how to make the most of each period, so that you can make the financial, personal, and spiritual strides you seek in your life and your business, by knowing what periods are best for what type of growth.

Your Experience Includes:

Your Experience Includes:

Online 1:1 private psychic life+business sessions (through skype or to help you cut through overwhelm, create clarity, shift any areas, emotions or belief systems that have you feeling stuck and step into what you are meant to be creating now. ((For Deep Dive + Intensive Members)

Monthly Live Group Coaching and Psychic Q+A Hotseats to help you get clarity, connect with and support other mastermind members, celebrate your wins and get help when needed.

With Professional Astrologer Katrina Brady. 1 - 60 minute Session + 5 - 30 minute monthly lunar return follow-up sessions to help you understand the lunar and planetary influences in your life and business and work within them for the next 6 months.

With Professional Astrologer Katrina Brady. Monthly live group astrological readings, using your personalized birth data, to give an overall insight into what is going on for each member, areas where more support and insight is needed, and ways to move through challenges with more clarity and direction.

Consistent connection with other mastermind members in an private facebook group, weekly discussions, opportunities to ask for feedback, get support, share techniques, as well as interact with Vanessa and other guest experts.

Just because I love surprises! New guest experts, trainings and fun bonuses to be added monthly.

And that's not all...