Signed, Sealed, Delivered - It's Yours, Baby!

Almost There..Just One More Thing...

If you are familiar with my content, you know that I don't hold back..and over the next few days I'll be sending you little nudges and goodness to remind you and support you as we enter this journey of discovery and adventure together!

But I have a small favor to ask you first! In order to ensure that you get your ticket, we need to give my email the all-pass so it doesn't get caught in your spam filter. Can you check your spam filter in the next 10 minutes and then when you see my email pop up there, can you drag it into your inbox?

That way when I get the Cabana Boys, or flock of white doves (your choice of course!) to hand deliver your Golden Ticket in the next few days, it arrives right in your mail box?

P.S > Bonus Points of you open the email and click reply to my fun-filled question ; )

P.P.S >> If you're not already a member of the Sacred Launch Facebook Group, I'd love for you to join me - just click the graphic below and it will take you there pronto!

See you soon love!

Vanessa xx