Get your buns ready, and your favorite cozy slippers because you are IN!

S'mores, fireflies and Aha's abound  : -)

Just One More Thing... You need the map!

Click Here For Instant Access!

Be sure to check your inbox, and spam filters for link (your digital treasure map if you will) for this event! Please do us one eency weency favor, if you find the email in your spam or promotions folder, can you please drag it into your inbox?  That way you'll be sure to receive your tool kit, and the replays of the event (in case you miss one)   Thanks love!

See you soon!

Vanessa & Kat

P.S. Be sure to join us in the Sacred Launch (this is our campground, and where the entire summer camp showdown is happening ; ) ) Just click the graphic below and be sure to do the special knock to let us know it's you!