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Welcome to the super secret behind-the-scenes access to Retrograde Summer Survival Camp...this area was created just for YOU, consider it your oasis away from tech glitches and communications disasters as we dive head-first into 6x Retrograde Season. Here you will find the replays for each of the 3 days, as well as homework to take the work deeper. Please do not share this area with anyone, if you'd like to invite a friend, please have them sign up here, that way they will get all the notifications for each of the live stream trainings!

Important: This information will not only help you while Mercury is retrograde from July 26 - August 18, but will also cover the 5 other Major Retrograding Planets. So you can continue to use this information through the entire summer and can be re-used anytime the planets move retrograde (several times a year).  Scroll down below to find access to the Itinerary, as well as the replays (when they're posted).

Have fun, and Happy Camping!

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  • DAY 1 - Retrograde Breakdown to Breakthrough

    Join Kat Mason, Life & Biz Astrologer as she explains how this retrograde season will be influencing and impacting us in our lives and businesses and how to navigate it in your own chart. She will be doing a deep dive into all 6 Retrograde Planets and their Messages and Gifts to us.

  • DAY 2 - Tips & Hacks On How To Avert Retrograde Disaster and Leverage This Window

    Join Kat & Vanessa as they share how to save your sanity during this retrograde season, what things tend to go wrong, and how to prevent them before they happen, as well as ways to get ahead during this retrograde season.

  • DAY 3 - Intuition, Mindset & Belief-System Breakthrough During Retrograde Season

    Join Vanessa Corazon, Life & Business Psychic Coach as she uncovers the biggest mindset blocks and core belief system work we need to be moving through, uncovering and shifting during this retrograde season. She’ll also be sharing an intuitive forecast for what is upcoming, and how to tap into your intuition during this time. Don’t let your hard work, income and confidence suffer during this period.

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Meet the hosts of The Sacred Launch & Retrograde Summer Survival Camp.

Kat Mason (left)  is an experienced Astrologer of 10 years and Tarot Reader of 13 years who has a passion for business, psychology and practical spirituality. She dives deep into the birth chart to unearth a person's life purpose and works with planetary influences to help her clients nurture their unique career abilities.

Vanessa Corazon (right), The Launch Psychic is a Life & Business Psychic Coach and the Creator of the Moonsight Lunar Guided Biz Planner. She combines her over 20 years of professional intuitive reading experience in the corporate & entrepreneurial space to help CEO's, Coaches and Entrepreneurs create income and multi-faceted wealth and fulfillment with ease.