The Sacred Mindset Map:

12 Steps to Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs, Blocks & Self-Sabotage and Creating The Money And Soulful Impact You Deserve.
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12 Mind-Opening Steps That Give You Everything:

  • Printable Step-by-step guide including all 12 Belief-System Shattering Questions to reveal your unconscious patterns and habits.
  • Example answers to help you dive deeper into the money and success limiting beliefs that have been shaping your life.
  • The exact process that I have used to clear years worth of emotional, financial and energetic blocks (in as little as 3 hours)
  • A technique on how to turn your subconscious mind onto itself and to sever it's own pathway (putting an end to the question of how to I stop this?)
  • Over 30 Pages of high quality gold-foil magic to help you step into your purpose and ditch those nagging patterns (and feelings of not-good-enough) with greater flow and ease.

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Meet the Chief Trouble Maker & Creator of The Sacred Mindset Map.

Hi!  I'm Vanessa and I’m a Life+Business Psychic Advisor and Mindset Coach for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Creatives. I specialize in launches, uncovering mindset and limiting belief patterns, supporting my clients in managing their energy, and tapping into their gifts using the science of metaphysics. I started exploring intuition and energy medicine in 2001 and managed to go from complete skeptic to holding sessions for thousands of people around the world, writing for the Huffington Post, and being a guest speaker at the Edgar Cayce Conference. 
My clients have used my fluff-free, down to earth teachings and insight to leave their dead-end jobs, create abundant passion-based businesses, shift and clear trauma and negative beliefs, create lasting, authentic relationships and step into their unique gifts and excitements.