Something's Stirring In The Corners Of Your Soul.

Whispering to you..."there's another way."

Whether You've...

  • Been running a biz for sometime and your passion + excitement feel like it's flatlined and you know you're straddling burn out.


  • Given up many of your passions and big dreams for the demands and precious moments of motherhood and are feeling the call to step back into something entirely for you


  • You're a 9-5'er who doesn't want to become a 9-lifer and are ready to trade in your time card for a business run on your soul, creativity and big ideas.

You know you need and want support that comes from your soul and highlights you natural gifts and way of moving through the world. Guidance that's personalized, heart-focused and as unique as you are.

You're Tired of Trying To Force Your Star-Shaped Peg Into Those Square-Shaped One-Size-Fits-All Biz Formulas + Programs.

(Your magic can't be contained, stripped down or tamed like that. (Thank goodness!))

Those Late-night Whispers And Nudges Contain A One-Of-A-Kind Sacred Blueprint To Fulfillment & Success - Made Just For You...

Merging Your Soul With The Soul Of Your Business.

The Essence of Your Business and Life Is A Mantra...A Sacred Vibration That Stems From The Very Root Of Your Being.

Oftentimes we feel fragmented, disoriented, overwhelmed, lost, unable to trust ourselves to move forward. Grasping at pieces...

That the end product, doesn't reflect our whole being..that it's missing the part that makes us feel whole, complete, and connected to our lives and the work we're doing (or want to do).

The truth is that without this connection, we can only go so far. You already know you do things're not like everyone else, you can't just do it for the money, there has to be more to it than that. Because without you, there is no business.

You ARE your business.

And That Makes It Sacred.

Business For You Is About More Than Just Strategy and Formulas...It's An Extension Of Your Soul

Isn't It Time That They Start Working Together?

Most coaching and business programs require you to operate from the neck-up. They don't take into account what feels good, or aligned, what's in the flow for you, or what calls to your heart. They make you feel that in order to be successful you can't be YOU.

If your business is an extension of your soul (which it is) shouldn't the answers to growing that beautiful business and making the impact you're meant to come from within you?

The truth is...they do. Every single one of them. I know because that's where I get them from.

You Can't Move Forward Without Feeling Clear...

You want answers. And you're tired of searching for them. 

You don't want to wait around for signs or flashes of insight - you want to clarity so you can stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed and lost.


The Key To Your Success + Fulfillment Is In Merging Your Intuition (Your Natural + Primary Business Sense) with Strategies and Planning That Lights Your Soul On Fire.

Putting our Intuition first, learning to trust ourselves, and uncovering our unconscious belief systems that are running the show open the door to being able to step into and create success and fulfillment on our terms.

Of course this isn't always the easiest thing to do (if it was, you probably wouldn't be here reading this right now).

Tuning into our intuition isn't enough, because the very act of doing this work puts us face to face with all of our deepest fears and inadequacies. Our beliefs that we should be further ahead than what we are, that we need to have everything figured out ahead of time, that if we were better, smarter, faster, more capable....

For every step we take to build ourselves up, we take ten more to tear ourselves down...

If we're being honest...
Regardless of what that little nasty voice inside says about "needing to try harder", it's not cheerleading you to be the best you can's telling you that you need to be someone ELSE.

Why You Aren't Where You Want To Be
(AKA - Why It's Not Working Or Why It Feels Like You're Having To Force It)

Let's start off by saying it has nothing to do with a lack of trying or any of that other hogwash out there.

If You've Gotten Tired of Hearing

  • That you're not trying hard enough or doing "The Work".
  • That you just need to give it some time.
  • That this is the way life is, better get used to it.
  • That you're not investing in yourself.
  • That 'if you invest in my program/course/blueprint - your next 6 Figure Month Is Just Around the Corner!"
  • If You just learn to master <facebook ads/instagram/pinterest/webinars, SEO> you'll be golden.
  • That you need a coach if you want to A, B, C.
  • That what you love, enjoy, feel excited about just isn't marketable.
  • Or my favorite - be happy with what you have!

Then You're Ready To Hear The Cold Ugly Truth.

The Real Reason It's Not Working Is -  You Aren't Trusting Yourself.
(You've been putting your chips towards someone else's truth..and it's not paying off)

And while that may sting a little big, it's not your fault.

As entrepreneurs, moms, creatives, bringing in the moola, it's incredibly difficult to trust that tiny small voice inside when the fear of having enough, paying bills and doing the 'right thing' are paired up with little time and a lot of pressure..that small voice easily gets drowned out by the loud presence of fear.

That's where I come in.

We both know it can't go on this way for've made circles so many times you've burnt a hole in the rug ....

You've tried the formulas, the courses, the meditations, and the pretty little planners that just don't cut it.

You're tried the resolutions, and the detoxes, and you're fed up with trying to fit yourself into a box that just doesn't feel like you.

It's time to hit the reset button.

Creating A Sacred Life + Business Begins Here.

Who Am I And How Can I Help?

Hi I'm Vanessa! And I'm probably a lot like you. I'm a mom of 3 rug rats, wife of one very patient man and an entrepreneur through and through. I also happen to be Psychic.

That Last Bit Is Always A Bit of Fun To Tell At Parties...

Over the past 15 years I've created multiple businesses from a print magazine, a publishing company, a graphic design business, run large scale events, on top of my own intuitive consulting business. Some big, some small, some successful, some failures.

I've also been called multi-passionate, psychic, medium, healer, oracle, friend, coach, mom, mummy, moooommmyyyyyy, mentor, advisor, but really I am you.

When I sit with you I am the inner voice that is kind, that has heart, that tells you not just what you want to know, but what you deeply need.

I feel what you feel, I experience your fears, pain, thoughts, I become what you know and experience..but also I become the highest version of yourself.

And then I relay those messages directly and concretely to you.

Isn’t that where the information should come from anyway?

Because you and I both know, you are the one with the answers, when all the noise goes silent, and you just tune within, all is revealed.

There is no where else more powerful than hearing it from yourself.

Sometimes that’s easy..sometimes it's like an epiphany that strikes, where nothing else means anything…but most of the time, its clouded, and overwhelmed, and confused by everything else going on in your world…

Drowning out the sound, the feeling, numbing out, blocking the path forward.

But listening to this voice, following its healing and lulling words…gives us just the answers we most deeply need to wake up, to shift out, to move into, to let go of, to heal, and the courage to take the next step. To take what’s ours, our birthright…the inner awareness that is you.

If you are tired of trying to figure it all out, and would like to have a direct dialogue with yourself, with that inner knowing, let’s talk.

I can’t promise to predict your future, or tell you who your soul mate is…or give you the winning lotto numbers (true psychic work doesn’t work that way) but what I can promise you is that you will walk away feeling like you can breathe, that you have the answers you’ve desperately needed to move forward, that you will know more deeply who you are, what you want, and what steps to take next to get there. AND you’ll have the energy and excitement to take those steps!

There’s nothing woo, or fluffy about it.

Unless you’re woo and fluffy <3

Every Answer You Seek Lies Within You.
(And While That May Sound Cliche - It's Actually Great News.
It Means You Always Have Access To It...
After all That's Where I Get It from.)

The truth is that when I sit with you, I don’t tell you all the things you need to do to be different…

  • No 12-step formulas
  • No arbitrary ideas of success or happiness
  • No cookie-cutter promises
  • No fluff..or magic eight balls or spiritual bypassing.

I simply peer into your soul, into the cloak we all wear and allow it to tell me who you are.

Allow it to give me the words, phrases, and images that are needed to share with you, to shift, expand and open you to the greatness that you are, that is your life.

It's not that we need to change who we are, to force and pressure ourselves with external restrictions to become anew. We simply need the veil to be dropped so we can see what is already there.

Once we see this, change and growth is inevitable (and easy).

When we don't condemn, force or judge and instead simply see and accept - There's a deep overwhelming relief. A breath of fresh air. It's the irrevocable mind and soul shift that changes it all.

It is you.  Fully seeing yourself - whole. Your love, your passion, your excitement, your gifts, your fears, habits and patterns and their root cause - those are the things that provide the catalyst to change.

The things within you that hold the key to unlocking everything.

No techniques, no guided meditations, no incantations or chants will get you there, without first seeing who and what you are fully. (without shame, minimizing, diffusing, distraction, or should-ing all over yourself)

So let's get to the heart of it shall we.

You are expansive. (And before you spit your coffee out at the cliche-ness of that..hear me out)

You are SO expansive in fact that I can read all of that about you from anywhere in the world, even with having never met you and a piece of technology separating us.

Without You Telling Me A SINGLE Thing About Yourself.
All That's Needed Are Your Questions...

  • Together we unveil your past, your habits, beliefs and patterns that are selling you short on experiencing the life and fulfillment you know are possible, the stuff that gets in the way of trusting yourself, of taking big leaps, of putting yourself out there, of setting healthy and firm boundaries, of asking for what you want.
  • We dive into your present, and how it has taken shape, what it has to tell you about what is currently unfolding, and what to do to clear what's coming up for you. What the best and highest choices are in alignment for you, and how to break through that glass ceiling. It unravels relationships, commitments, and gives a voice to what needs to be called out.
  • Your future potentials based upon the current energy, filling in the gaps and connections and best actionable way forward so you can make a fully informed choice about what you want to create.
  • And we end the session with an energetic emission of support through an energy healing that will help to shift things, and ease the changes for you over the course of a few days. I like to think of this as "setting" the cake.

Your questions drive the sessions, they lead us to where we want to deeply go, they uncover the mysteries, clear away the confusion, and open all the doors.

When we remove distraction, noise and fear from the equation…the answers present themselves loud and clear.

The Answers You Seek Are Inside You - Your Path, Your Blueprint Awaits....

And we both know you don't need me, or anyone else to get there.

The Choice Is Yours.

Given enough time, and your relentless commitment and passion, you will figure it all out…the question is…do you want to take the scenic route, or do you want the direct route that will get you there the fastest and with your sanity intact?

The one with a bit of hand-holding included and a nice perchy bird's eye view.

Working with me doesn't just mean a flashy insightful sessions that hype you up and get you excited only to leave you hanging days, weeks and months later when the initial euphoria has worn off and you find your old patterns and mindset starting to creep back in again... followed by fear, hesitation, and overwhelm.

It's By No Means A Magic Bandaid...

One session isn't going to fix everything. There will be inner work and a willingness to look at spots that are uncomfortable is needed but sessions work as a spotlight on our darkest corners, they highlight what needs to be addressed and shifted, they help support that energetic shift through awareness.

You may not accomplish everything in a single session, or even two or three - but here's the deal..what I can promise you is that after one session, you will be clearer than you have ever been about your life and business, you will know the next steps to take to gain momentum and move forward with trust, excitement and a damn good plan on how to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The long term changes will come in working together more consistently which is why this program is so don't have to try to figure it all out alone, and we get to meet each challenge as it comes up together - over 3 months…I'm here to help you where you're at.

You bring the questions…and we'll get the answers.

What Will Your Sessions Be Focused On?

Sessions Can Be Entirely Personal Or Business Related OR A Blend Of Both
Some topics that we can cover:
*Pick 2-3 Max Per Session

  • Finding your gifts and zone of genius.
  • Personal blocks, beliefs and mindset that is holding you back from being where you want to be.
  • Actionable steps in your business - concerning investments, social media, tools and platforms, development, offerings, PR, finances, visibility, growth, passive income, strategy, branding and more.
  • Your ideas - which ones are the right ones, what are their potentials and which ones will be the most lucrative and fulfilling for you.
  • Personal and business relationships that are affecting you and how to shift them, also a behind the scenes as to why they're there and how to get the most out of them.
  • Your six month overview - where are you now, where are you going, and what is the best way forward for you * please note this is not a prediction - you have free will and choose what is best for you, these are simply potentials so you can make the best and most informed choices possible.
  • Why certain things are working, and why others aren't.
  • Authenticity and how to bring more of yourself into your business.
  • Getting you from confused, overwhelmed and uncertain to clear, aligned and with a renewed sense of direction.
  • Career Direction
  • Financial Decisions
  • Life Path Choices
  • Feel Good Goal Setting
  • Clearing Doubts, Fears, Anxiety and Patterns
  • Your Intuitive Gifts
  • Past Childhood or Energetic Connections that Are Creating Challenges
  • Blocks to Finding Love, Healing Current Relationship Dynamics
  • Mapping Out Your Packages, Pricing, Launches or Offers
  • Best Lunar Times for Your Business and Creating Your Own Natural Schedule
  • And More. xx

(Don’t see your area here? This is by no means an exhaustive list, it is written here to give you an idea of what the sessions can be focused on, areas of your life to shift, however if you have other areas/topics that are important to you they are absolutely possible as well. The focus of the sessions are entirely guided by your questions.)

Watch this video to see what my client Cindy has to say about how intuitive insight impacted her business and direction.

What Is A Session Like - Exactly?

The best way to describe a session is like having a warm cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate with your very best friend, the one who knows you better than you know the back of your own hand. The one who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, the one who loves you, and knows just the right way to say something to you that stirs deep in your soul. The one you would trust with your life..because she is you.

It is through sitting with you and tuning into your energy that I am able to receive a clear stream of information for comes through several ways - primarily through images in my mind, thoughts (which do not come from me), feelings or sensations in my body and an inner knowing that ties everything together.

We start by drawing out your biggest deepest question first…from there the messages and insights flow out, like a gentle fluid waterfall. One after another your questions get answered, some before you even ask, others you didn’t even know you had. Piece by piece the puzzle gets put together, and it all flows together and makes perfect sense.

I don’t ask any personal information about you (no story, no history, no personal details, birthdates, zodiac etc) All that is needed are your questions, and throughout I will ask for your confirmation that the information resonates, if not I may ask for you to clarify your question so that I can ask more clearly for you.

I’ve had clients describe it as 60 minutes of one tremendous Aha after another.

You will understand yourself, why you do what you do, how to shift out of harmful habits and behaviours, you will see and own your gifts, and your deepest desires and see that they are all linked. Unhealed traumas will be brought to the surface in a loving and safe way to be addressed, seen and forgiven (at a soul level/not a mind level) and fully let go of. So that you can be your beautiful radiant self, no longer bound by that which is hurting you.

You are free to ask any and all questions as they come up throughout.

You will feel immense relief as you see yourself through the eyes of your own soul. You will let go of the trivial stuff that suffocates your light.

Five minutes before the session comes to an end, I will ask if there is anything else you would like to ask before we wrap up the session so that you don’t experience any pressure and have the opportunity and space to ask anything that wasn’t clarified during our time together.

The following sessions will be a carry on from the first session, addressing emotions, thoughts, fears, habits that have still lingered on, or shifted after the light was shone on them from our first meeting.

No questions are off limits, if the information is beneficial to you, it will be given to you freely, if the question doesn’t serve your highest good, you will receive what your soul and heart most need right now.

Energetically throughout the session you may feel shifts, release of pent up emotions, some clients cry, some feel a warmness in their chest, others feel more clear, and grounded, less anxious, or excited and tuned in, or a combination thereof.

I find it helpful to support the energetic alignment after a session by spending a few minutes re-calibrating your energy by focusing in on the areas and your energetic body system. I do this so that you can more easily fully receive and process the insights and shifts that occurred through our time together. I find that this is a powerful way to help ‘set’ the energy and changes so that it is easier to integrate and help make the changes more permanent.

You may find for a few days after things feel a bit ‘loose’ or shifty, the areas and things that seemed to make sense may seem a bit ‘dreamy’ afterwards this is completely normal and a part of the integration process.

Soulshift Includes 12 - 60 Minute Sessions + 4 Integration Weeks Over 4 Months To Help You Create, Clear and Grow Your Life + Business From The Inside Out.

And These Bonuses...

Here's How We Can Work Together:

Choose an option below, and click “I'm Ready To Dive In”. You will be transferred to a payment page, where you can submit your payment and book your first session.

After payment and your appointment has been received I will send you an email that includes your Welcome Kit, some tips to help you prepare for our first session together, and give you details on booking your following sessions.

$7997 or 4 Payments of $2297

12 Private 1:1 Deep Dive Sessions (60 Minutes Each - - 3 Per Month)

3 Integration Weeks (with email support) For Implementation and Processing.

Unlimited Voxer (walkie-talkie) voice and message support (Monday-Friday) for 4 months


Six Figure Copywriting Masterclass with Lauren Vanessa Zink

The Psychic Code Method

Optimize Your Course Training with Genevieve Mari

Additional Business Development Trainings From my Personal Vault

1:1 Social Media Strategy Session with Elisa Bini of Ease Flow Social $197 Value


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I'm Ready To Dive In!(Payment Plan)

Love Notes From Past & Current Clients

"In September of 2006, Vanessa Corazon offered me words of wisdom, guidance and a glance into my ”self” that left me somewhat speechless. Her reading was moving and chillingly accurate, she detailed trends of my past that have spilled over into the world I have created for myself today. Negative and positive, it was as if she listened to my soul and relayed the messages that my unconscious self was telling her. She has a unique gift and is willing to share it with those who choose to listen. Her presence is very powerful and her words direct., but her heart is warm and her advice is real. There is an element of healing that takes place within the reading – something so distinct and soothing happens throughout the course of your time with Vanessa. I highly recommend her abilities, she truly has a gift."

Gillian Roy, Vancouver B.C.

"Vanessa your abilities to read and advise are outstanding. Thank you so much for answering my questions with such clarity and love. I am truely amazed at how clear of a channel you are, never have I experienced a psychic so accurate. Thanks again!"

Janet Edwards - Windsor, Ontario (photo withheld for privacy)

"I am reading over our conversation and at first I was skeptical..but WOW! I hardly had to say anything to you. You didn't even ask me one question and you seem to have understood in a way his mentality. Again, THANK YOU so much@ I will probably read this over and over again! And I would love to talk to you again real soon, and I will make an appt later. You are amazing! Take care and never doubt what you're doing cause you make a big difference in people's lives. Almost give us a sense of closure or healing."

Shereen Jafri - (Photo Withheld for Privacy)

"I was blessed to have a very good reading the other day from a wonderful lady names {Vanessa}. She was the most accurate reader I have ever meet. This lady is so intuned with her spirit guides. I am most thank she was sent to me. Everything she read for me was 100%. This lady is amazing. I hope she keeps going with her readings. She will be helping alot of people in this life time. I love you to pieces and send you all the best love and happiness there is. Thank you again my friend."

Toni Halstead - (Photo Withheld for Privacy)

"Vanessa's readings are from the heart, the universal heart. I find she uses her intelligence in a way that is both incisive and gentle at the same time. Her approach is grounded in common sense yet instills a sense of inspiration as well. During my reading I found it very easy to relax and be at ease with myself in her presence. The messages that come through are not always rosy and sunny, but Vanessa is able to deliver the goods in a way that is both compassionate and warm, never inconsiderate or cold. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, and look forward to my next visit with her."

Kyle Hoobin.  - Speaker, Teacher, Author

"Vanessa, I just wanted to thank you for your on the spot reading. It was the best reading I have ever gotten so far in my life. I did not even have to say much to you or give you any info, you were just right on the money. You are truly gifted and blessed. Thank you so much for setting my mind at ease and giving confirmation to a lot of things"

Stacy Rique  (Photo Withheld for Privacy)

$7997 or 4 Payments of $2297

12 Private 1:1 Deep Dive Sessions (60 Minutes Each - - 3 Per Month)

3 Integration Weeks (with email support) For Implementation and Processing.

Unlimited Voxer (walkie-talkie) voice and message support (Monday-Friday) for 4 months


Six Figure Copywriting Masterclass with Lauren Vanessa Zink

The Psychic Code Method

Optimize Your Course Training with Genevieve Mari

Additional Business Development Trainings From my Personal Vault

1:1 Social Media Strategy Session with Elisa Bini of Ease Flow Social $197 Value