Void Moon Energy… Lunar Astrology for Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Creatives

Can you feel the void? The energetic gap, a low-lying staticky energetic feeling of displacement, a feeling of lost or misplaced emotions, thoughts and feelings? An urgency to do something to relieve what feels like a pressure?

A struggle with focus, or a deep desire to curl up into yourself and retreat, process and digest?

The moon went void today September 21 at 10:13am PST and will stay void until tomorrow at 5:26am PST.

What is a void moon and how does it affect us?

A void moon is when the moon leaves one zodiac sign but has yet to enter another. It is the space between two zodiac signs, a liminal space of reflection and deep shadowy work for us.

The moon is a giant mirror. So when it is in a particular zodiac sign we have access to that energy and process our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences through that filter and energetic quality. The moon itself represents our emotional world. But when the moon is in between zodiac signs it is reflecting nothing back to us, a void of sorts and so what tends to come up is all our emotional residue.

When we don't understand the lunar phases we can often blame ourselves for lack of focus, overwhelm, inconsistency, emotional ups and downs, and feeling unproductive. When we work with the moon in our business and lives we can plan for and utilize these power periods to rest, replenish, focus, complete, and launch at times that we will have the energy to be the most successful. With the moon there is time for everything.

For entrepreneurs, CEO's, Coaches & Creatives it's important to note that Void Moons are NOT good for launching or announcing anything important. Remember the moon reflects what we put out, and when the moon is void, it's not reflecting anything, so often what we post, share and offer today, especially if it's in the beginning stages doesn't tend to get as much traction or attention. So if you are planning on launching something, wait until after tomorrow.

When it comes to void moons, it brings to the surface the background agitation in our lives, things we try to distract ourselves from or shift focus away from. It's the heart and core of our struggles. And we have an opportunity to make a medicine from it if we are willing to go deep.

It can feel raw, distinct, edgy, uncomfortable, and often very large, and intimidating.

What will I find if I go in there?

What will happen if I let this come up?

What will change as a result?

Will I ever come out of it?

Will everything fall apart if I look at this, feel this, allow this, let this do what it wants to?

It can feel otherworldly and a lot like death, in the way that we try to resist what is changing within us.

But you are different, your life is different, and when we house old emotional patterns, old painful cycles and ways of being, our past in closets and rooms covered in dust.

The void moon is asking us to bring our own light to the situation, to pull the drapes back and notice the room we have been occupying.

This is the space you have been inhabiting, it didn't just come like this, it has been here all along.

And during the next 16 hours (until 5:26am PST), we have the opportunity to see what's been hiding under the dust and do a deep cleanse inside of ourselves.

Will you bravely venture there?

Will you allow what most terrifies you in your emotional world to come to the surface and be seen and validated?

Will you allow your cocoon to open and to become what you are meant to when you no longer carry this with you any longer?

It is the deepest and most loving gift we can give ourselves when we allow ourselves the space to sit in the nothingness and see what comes up. To greet our emotional visitors and let them tell ours their stories. So that we can notice that we are not that.


P.S. Remember that Monday is the Full Moon in Aries, a powerhouse of energy, and raw creative potential, by clearing the way through our emotional debris we create a surefire path to success and clear intention in our actions and way forward.

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