As entrepreneurs doing it all in our businesses can seem..for lack of a better word a horse and pony show

We are after all, only one person..often having a life outside of our businesses – kids, second jobs, family obligations, relationships, and hobbies (what are those again?)

We spend way too much time and energy on things that are not only not in our zone of genius, they are also taking valuable time, and resources away from things that could actually be earning us money, getting us visible, and ultimately leading us to the results we want to create.

So here’s the Psychic Guide to Getting Laser Focused and Unfuckingbelievably clear on what you want.

Step 1 – Stop doing everything..

Step 2 – Ask your self ultimately what is your BIG VISION –
What are you doing, how do you feel, what is your life life, how is your business flowing …

Will you be able to get to that doing what you are doing now? If you are wearing 10 hats in your business?

If the answer is no, then things need a revamp.

Ultimately your focus should really be on doing what you do want to do, really well.

Step 3 –
Getting your message out there, and sharing it on the mediums that your ICA hangs out in.
Following that up with consistent following up, and asking for the sale.
Creating as much massive content as possible free and paid (and sharing this through #1)

Lather rinse repeat.

Notice in there it doesn’t say anything about designing your website, rebranding, professional photos, Facebook ads, webinars or anything like that.

Yes these can be helpful, but until you have mastered the above, consistently shouldn’t be doing the other stuff.

It’s that simple.

Because if you are trying to do it all, you are simply watering down the most important part of your business and putting it on the back burner, while you juggle everything else, and ultimately all you are left with is a burnt to the crisp message..

So you result in doing things that everyone else is doing..and ultimately not standing out – at all.

Doing things differently starts with acknowledging that you simply can’t do it all!


And focusing in only on the stuff that is THE MOST important. And then if you have time, add the other stuff in, one by one.

If you try to do it all, ultimately what happens most of the time is we spent a ridiculous amount of time consuming content, but not creating it.

We become buyers, not sellers, consumers not creators, and that is where our business begins to plummet.

Focus on doing first things first, the most valuable ones. And if you think you’re not good enough at it kick that bs to the curb, because getting good at it only comes by doing it, making mistakes and tweaking, not by learning more and consuming more.

Vanessa xx



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