Have you ever had that happen?

Someone you had a discovery call with, or an assessment with..
who tells you they don’t have the money yet to work with you..
and then you see them signing up with your competitor who just so happens to charge less..

This happened to me.
And I will be honest – it knocked me off course for a few days.

I questioned my business model, my sales strategy, my pricing.
Maybe my pricing is off.
Maybe I didn’t warm them up enough..
Or maybe I warmed them up but didn’t finish the process and then my competitor had an easier time because I did the work for them..

Until it hit me the other night..that the problem isn’t my business model, my sales strategy or my pricing…because I have great clients..of course I can always tweak and improve..

But what was really happening, was that those clients who ended up going with someone else – they weren’t the right fit for me..and I wasn’t the right fit for them.

When you become clear in your messaging, when your branding is on point…
you are speaking to a very specific person…not a large majority..
Trust me when I say..unless you are walmart you don’t want the majority..
You want a tribe..of those who jive with your message, with your way of expression..who love the work you do, and the way you do it..the ones that thrive because of what you offer, the ones you were MEANT to help..
The ones who are READY to make big changes – WITH you.

When you are appealing to the majority..your message becomes diluted…it has to expand, to cover the pond.. so the value in it..in you, in what you offer..it decreases.
The outcome for the client also decreases.
And sometimes your goals and the goals of the client aren’t in alignment. If you find yourself wanting change for your client, more than they are ready for..

Sometimes the client doesn’t want big change..they want small change, or just to feel like they are changing when maybe…well maybe they’re not.

Sometimes they just want someone to help make them feel good about staying where they are. And that my dear..isn’t you.

So don’t fret if you see your competitor getting clients..while it seems like yours are only trickling in.

Because maybe that’s the point. Maybe your pond is smaller..but your fish are bigger, they’re ready to make a big splash, and that’s why you went into business isn’t it? To really make a difference with people who resonate with you, and are ready for the gifts and support you can offer them. <3 So if you find you’re struggling..see if you’re trying to fit your brilliant star shape into a square hole.

You are meant to stand out, and to create big waves in your small pond…and if you commit to that..I can promise you the right clients will find you, and you will be able to release all those gifts in your heart out into the world where they can make a real difference<3

Vanessa xx



P.S. If you’re ready to start standing out, being unapologetically you in your life+biz I’m here to help. It doesn’t have to take weeks, months or years..once you know your soul purpose and clear away all of the unhelpful shoulds, you are left with untouchable clarity.  Ready to take the leap? Let’s talk.

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