Have you ever thought of the energy, and the voice of your writing?

And how it can change depending upon where you’re at, what your intentions, fears, and thoughts are?

The essence of our writing immediately changes once we shift from writing for ourselves, to writing for someone else..

It becomes an energy of ‘out there’, instead of within..

And oddly enough when we write from a place of outside, no matter how excellent our writing skills, no matter how aware we are of what our clients, friends, market, wants or needs..

we miss the mark.

It will feel ‘dead’, lack-luster…empty..

the writing that you write, only for you (even if you later decide to share it with the world) contains the very essence of your soul..your life..your unique ‘brand’..

and it’s genuinely, and naturally powerful..(more so than anything else you could ever really do)

It solves the problem of “I don’t know what to write, what to share, what to talk about…” or worrying that you have no message, no voice.. (Because I can promise you..if you do this..you will find it where it has always been..within you)

If you have to do any form of writing for your work, or you have been contemplating writing more..
give this a try..

test out the feelings that move through you, the quality of your work, your words,..

when you write without thinking of having to please anyone, without judging what is coming through, without the expectation that you will ever share your words with another living person..

what freedom exists in that? What vulnerability? What passion?

When its just you, and the page..

just you and the feelings that move through you – uncensored..

just you and what you have always wanted to say..

And if you think or worry that you don’t have anything to say..

let me tell you a secret..

you do, but you’ve spent your whole life censoring it..

doubting it..

hiding it…

and so its not used to being at the forefront..

your not used to experiencing it, sensing it, acknowledging it as your primary..

but that doesn’t mean its not there.

It just means more than ever…
that you need to give it the space to BE.

Allow it a spot on the page…
without filling it with all the things you think you need to say..

you need to let the pressure off..

and allow what is there to come through

without any filters

without any judgement..

like a child who has been holding their breath for years unable to express their emotions, their thoughts, their wants…

the first few times you sit with that blinking white screen .. or that blank note pad…

it may feel overwhelming..

the expectation palpable.

Decide now that no matter what comes through you will allow and accept it fully..

That this is where your power lies..

in the full acceptance of all that lies within..

even if its scary..

or monstrous..

or dark beyond words..

even if it feels like your words would wash off the page..

or you might stop breathing if you had to write them out..

That is the surest sign..

that there is an immensity within you..

a vulnerability, a rawness that needs to be released.

that cannot and will not be released through censored writing..
through writing for someone else..

you power in connecting with others, with clients, to make impact, to be YOU, fully and completely..

comes through just allowing all of that to be there..

and seeing the power in giving it a voice (even if you decide to never share it with anyone)

How powerful is it to share your deepest darkest thoughts, and secrets..

to not allow them to run rampant within you..sucking the life out of everything, but to instead..

give them their own life..

to love them, even in their ugliness..

their childishness,

Because that is the real YOU, even if its not the WHOLE you..it is the part of you that you are constantly seeking..

the part of you that wishes it could just drop all the balls..

wipe all the make up off..

do something spontaneous..

and not be responsible..

for once..

This is the key to that kingdom..

to setting your life free, without necessarily needing to burn it all down.

It has an infinite power..

and today..
even if just today..

hope you grasp it with both hands..

This is the moment in which your life is made, the decision to be real
and raw
and unapologetic

Grab your note book, a napkin, your computer, or iPhone and open a word doc

let the words spill out

without needing to know WHEN to start..WHERE to start..or even WHY.

just write what comes up first,

it may be gibberish,
but then eventually..
you will tap that flow…

and it will come through you..

all the things you have told yourself aren’t there, that you have wanted to look into but have been to overwhelmed, or busy, or afraid.

It waits for you..

your very own diamond in the rough.

Vanessa xx

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