We often are reminded through listening to biz podcasts and reading the latest entrepreneurial self help book that we need to be clear on our why..

Why we’re doing this..

Why it matters..

So that when we hit the dark night of the soul in our business, which sometimes can feel like every week, or even once or twice a day..that we can motivate ourselves to keep going..

To keep moving because our why is powerful.

Maybe our why is our children..

Maybe our why is our sick parent..

Maybe our why is having enough to eat, or live without stress..

These are all powerful whys but the truth is..

They often are not enough to keep us going.

Because most of the time our why is for other people.

We fear that if we made us our why, it would be selfish, or not motivating enough..

That because we change our minds what seems like every 5 minutes in our business..that if we made us our why..

Well it wouldn’t hold up for very long.

But the truth is if YOU aren’t your WHY, then you will often find yourself struggling with keeping going.

Especially when things get tough.

We cannot compare ourselves to things outside of ourselves…

the true motivation comes from comparing ourselves to ourselves..

Knowing that we can’t let OURSELVES down..rather than other people.

Because inside you know when your excuses are BS.

You know when you are being lazy.

You know when you could do a little more, or finish that thing up.

You know when you’re self sabotaging.

You know..even when other people don’t.

So if you aren’t your own internal barometer, you likely won’t go far.

When we use ourselves to set the bar, we can only go up.

When we use other peoples wants, needs and expectations as the bar, we are essentially self sabotaging.

We will lose our steam quickly.

Your power and fuel comes from within, where your fire burns.

With what lights you up, what excites you, what pushes you just that much farther.

Its amazing really once you tune into it, how far it can actually take you.

How many failures and hardships you can endure, while still climbing that mountain.  Wavering but never being fully knocked off course.

If your work is your purpose, it is never ending.

If you are in this just for the money, just for the time, just for the success..

You’ll need to try to fill your space with those external whys.

But if you are in this for you, you are in this because you want your life to be more than just stuff, more than just other people, more than just the niceties..if you do this because it lights that fire in your belly, because you know you can really make a difference, because you want your life to feel significant and fulfilling, to the max..

Then you will always have the energy to keep it going, it will be a truly sustainable business.

Down to its core.

So what is your why? And how does it drive you?

Vanessa xx


P.S. If you aren’t clear on your why, if you’re ready to stop following the trends and start finding and living your own internal blueprint, fuelled by your gifts and purpose..

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By the end of our time together you will not only be crystal clear on your gifts, and path, but you will also have created the business and life you desire and be taking clear, consistent, aligned and inspired action to grow it, sustain it, and received the intuitive support to help you get there.

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