The purpose of your life - is to be you, fully and completely, and share it with the world.

In fact... your success + happiness in business (and life) depend on it.

When we compromise parts of ourselves, hiding it away, trying to only sell what's "marketable", we experience depression, anxiety, money blocks, fear, and unhappiness. We feel stuck, and our growth becomes stunted.

Even if we can find a marketing formula that 'works' - bringing in sales, likes or subscribers, the happiness soon wears off and we're left feeling icky and unfulfilled with our work.

Because we went against ourselves to do it. We traded who we were for money.

But - it doesn't have to be that way.  There is another way to do business. 

One that is in alignment with who you are, what you want to create, one that feels GOOD. And that matters. It means the difference between happiness and true success in your life and business, and just making money - all the while slowly dying inside in the process.

Running your business goes far beyond marketing funnels and good copy...

Success for you isn't just about dollars and cents, it's about feeling excited about the work you're doing, knowing it's making a difference in the world.

And having the time and space freedom to really enjoy it.

I know because I've been there too...

Over the past 15 years I've created multiple businesses from a print magazine, a publishing company, a graphic design business, run large scale events, on top of my own intuitive consulting business.

And the truth is..even though I loved each and every one of these wasn't enough for me to keep it going.

There were too many aspects I didn't like..too many things that felt out of alignment - because I wasn't being me.  And if your business isn't a reflection of your true self, you're not going to be able to keep it going for very long.

You'll burn out, you'll procrastinate, you'll lose interest and want to start other won't be able to be consistent in it.

The way to a lasting, happy and successful business and life, is to make sure your actions and desires are in alignment with who you are, and your natural way of being.  Like a all needs to flow in the same direction.


I don't give you just a bunch of tactics, strategy or mindset worksheets...

These are practical things for your business, and we'll cover them (if you want), but our time together will be so much more than that.

Psychic Life+Business Coaching is different than other coaching out focuses on your life and business from a holistic, personalized and inside-out perspective.

Typical coaching often consists of a coach guiding you through a process of what worked for THEM.

But Psychic Coaching is completely different...

It's about intuitively uncovering what works for YOU...

It's your formula. Your blueprint. Your pre-designed path to success + fulfillment.

It is all about you, and has nothing to do with ME (which is a good thing!).

It is the perfect combination of Psychic Insight through Clairvoyance (seeing images), Clairaudience (hearing insights), Clairsentience (feeling emotions/sensation) and authentic and personalized business coaching, so that you can not only make progress - but be you while you're doing it.

Psychic Business coaching focuses on the deep down stuff, getting right to the root. Uncovering the answers you need to feel clear and on purpose, ensuring your doing the work you really LOVE. It focuses in on what lights you up, what kind of marketing FEELS GOOD to you, clearing blocks and fears, authenticity, facilitating the necessary mindset shifts needed to create a thriving life and business.

Once you know this - the practical stuff is a piece of cake.

This type of coaching fills in the gaps left by other kinds of coaching, which are often one-sided.

The way through it - is to be you.

Being a psychic doesn't mean I'm telling you things you don't know.  During our time together I receive insights, images, messages directly from you - from a soul level. We don't move through this life a blank slate.

We carry our experiences, our excitements, our dreams, our gifts, our pain, and our potential with us - everywhere we go.  I simply access this information and relay it to you, at the times you need it the most. That's why this type of coaching relationship is completely different from any other kind of life or business coaching out there.

You being here…at this moment, reading these words, is no accident. You're ready for change, for a different opportunity..and you've found it here…within yourself..where it has been all along.

You have always held all the answers…sometimes it just takes someone who cares about you, to point out what's right in front of you.

The question now is…are you ready for your life to change?

Are you ready to see the answers inside of yourself?

The possibility your life holds, if you're willing to step forward and embrace being you fully?

Whether it's mindset shifts, belief system breakthroughs, launch support, or aligning your biz energy with your soul purpose..I'm here to help.

Love Notes From Past & Current Clients....

(And I Didn't Even Have To Bribe Them With Cookies)

"In September of 2006, Vanessa Corazon offered me words of wisdom, guidance and a glance into my ”self” that left me somewhat speechless. Her reading was moving and chillingly accurate, she detailed trends of my past that have spilled over into the world I have created for myself today. Negative and positive, it was as if she listened to my soul and relayed the messages that my unconscious self was telling her. She has a unique gift and is willing to share it with those who choose to listen. Her presence is very powerful and her words direct., but her heart is warm and her advice is real. There is an element of healing that takes place within the reading – something so distinct and soothing happens throughout the course of your time with Vanessa. I highly recommend her abilities, she truly has a gift."

Gillian Roy, Vancouver B.C.

"Vanessa your abilities to read and advise are outstanding. Thank you so much for answering my questions with such clarity and love. I am truely amazed at how clear of a channel you are, never have I experienced a psychic so accurate. Thanks again!"

Janet Edwards - Windsor, Ontario (photo withheld for privacy)

"I am reading over our conversation and at first I was skeptical..but WOW! I hardly had to say anything to you. You didn't even ask me one question and you seem to have understood in a way his mentality. Again, THANK YOU so much@ I will probably read this over and over again! And I would love to talk to you again real soon, and I will make an appt later. You are amazing! Take care and never doubt what you're doing cause you make a big difference in people's lives. Almost give us a sense of closure or healing."

Shereen Jafri - (Photo Withheld for Privacy)

"I was blessed to have a very good reading the other day from a wonderful lady names {Vanessa}. She was the most accurate reader I have ever meet. This lady is so intuned with her spirit guides. I am most thank she was sent to me. Everything she read for me was 100%. This lady is amazing. I hope she keeps going with her readings. She will be helping alot of people in this life time. I love you to pieces and send you all the best love and happiness there is. Thank you again my friend."

Toni Halstead - (Photo Withheld for Privacy)

"Vanessa's readings are from the heart, the universal heart. I find she uses her intelligence in a way that is both incisive and gentle at the same time. Her approach is grounded in common sense yet instills a sense of inspiration as well. During my reading I found it very easy to relax and be at ease with myself in her presence. The messages that come through are not always rosy and sunny, but Vanessa is able to deliver the goods in a way that is both compassionate and warm, never inconsiderate or cold. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, and look forward to my next visit with her."

Kyle Hoobin.  - Speaker, Teacher, Author

"Vanessa, I just wanted to thank you for your on the spot reading. It was the best reading I have ever gotten so far in my life. I did not even have to say much to you or give you any info, you were just right on the money. You are truly gifted and blessed. Thank you so much for setting my mind at ease and giving confirmation to a lot of things"

Stacy Rique  (Photo Withheld for Privacy)

"Last year I didn’t even have a website. I was scattered, I was feeling lost and without a purpose. I found Vanessa on a Facebook Group and immediately vibed with her. She helped me get unstuck and I will never thank her enough for that: she taught me that your purpose doesn’t have to be in what you do, and that maybe what you do brings you closer to your purpose. This looks like a tiny piece of advice but it still gets me unstuck every time I get in a funk. Vanessa’s intuition is on point: she truly looks into your soul and tells you what you need to know. I cannot count the times she gave me the right advice about what direction to take in life and in business. I went from no website, no freelance business, a relationship that was falling apart, and a lot of confusion to having my own business, feeling good on my own, loving myself, and having clarity on a lot of aspects of my life. "

Elisa Bini.  - Social Media Strategist

Watch this video to see what my client Cindy has to say about how intuitive insight impacted her business and direction.

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