When we fully begin to step into who we are, to the work that lights our hearts on fire, to the place we feel connected, and in the flow..

where we could get swept away for hours, and it doesn’t feel like one bit of work..

where we would give up sleep, time with others, and every last dime we own at the expense of just being able to do it..

We often forget that these periods of bliss won’t last forever..

When we step more and more fully into this space of being ourselves, of going for our dreams..

what often happens, is that we begin to experience what feels like a backlash

The friends, family and relationships that we’ve cultivated over the years before that point begin to shift and change..

You may experience friends who make jokes at your new biz, family who while may ‘mean well’ meet your enthusiasm with ‘be realistic’’s, or less than supportive comments about how you’re making a mistake..

or the alternative..friends who were once quite supportive and interested in your ‘normal everyday’ now no longer discuss it with you AT ALL..they will simply discuss EVERYTHING else, but what you’re doing, how your work is going..

treating it how some people do about religion or politics..Like there is NO elephant in the room..

Leaving you feeling less than supported..and let down.

And this combined with our own fears of stepping out of our comfort zone, can often be a silent killer of dreams.

Because as an entrepreneur..you know very well how LOUD and TERRIFYING those fears can get inside your own mind..

Will it fail..
will anyone buy..
what if people laugh..
What if I invest everything on this..and end up on having to ask my family for help..

or I can’t pay my bills, feed my kids, etc etc.

Following that train of thought you are soon envisioning yourself living out of a box, on the side of the road..

It can be enough to make you scared enough to run back to what is comfortable, even though it was killing your soul.

What is often not talked about in the entrepreneurial space is how you are often battling this inside of yourself on a daily basis..

its not all margaritas and working on your macbook on the beach…

its hard, its late nights, and bleary eyes, and lots of coffee..

its your kids getting tired of asking you when you can come play with them..

its deciding what is non-negotiable in your life and biz, and having absolutely no clue how its all going to come together..

how that money, or next client is going to come in..
but trusting that it just WILL.

It isn’t a life of stress free comfort..

it is walking that tight-ropes edge every single day, multiple times a day.

So when my clients come to me with these fears..as an entrepreneur, and a mom..


But I also know WHY you do it..why you keep trying, keep getting up,

even when you’re burnt out..even when it feels the odds are stacked against you and you have no support..

It is why it is SO important to have your own tribe who gets it..even just ONE person…
who can understand your struggle, who can help you see the light, and shift your fears from overwhelming and suffocating to the high of feeling that sense of alignment, progress and success..

And how being in this type of environment can often spell the difference for many between making it through and not..

because when you don’t have that support team to fall back on.. when you don’t have the family support, or friends who get it..
you’re left only with your mind..

and let’s be honest – much of the time, it’s not very supportive either.

Unless you are relentless about journaling your bs out, and pulling yourself out of that hole on a regular, moment to moment basis, not letting it side track you

you will feel confused, you will feel overwhelmed, you will feel like maybe you’re making the worst bloody mistake of your life.

If you’re ready to receive profound and deep insights into your life and business through personalized sessions with a life+business psychic medium – no more ‘this worked for me, it will work for you’ cookie cutter approaches..

No more guessing, hoping, wishing, and jumping from thing to thing..

No more overwhelm, confusion and scattered energy.

Knowing without a doubt and receiving the validation you need to make clear, concise progress toward your dreams.

Actually living out what lights you up, instead of just talking about it one day.

Stepping fully into your destiny and grabbing your passion by the horns.

If this speaks to you lets talk.


Vanessa xx

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