You’ve been going steady, putting yourself out there,
feeling confident in your direction, your offerings..
knowing that your stretching your boundaries..

having the occasional ‘oh shit’ moment but coming back to centre quite steadily and consistently..

you’re feeling proud of yourself,

you’re doing this..your biz, your is all starting to feel right..

and then one you’re sitting on the couch…house is peaceful and you’re getting to work..

you start to feel this sense of panic kick in..

it starts in your chest, and spreads outwards..making you feel like you can’t breathe..

at first you shrug it off..
you have no reason to feel this way..

how did this even start..

it’s nothing you tell yourself and you keep typing away on your keyboard..

except it doesn’t go away..
it gets stronger..

your breathing starts to change and you wonder..

what the hell is going on.

am I having a panic attack?

your heart rate has picked up and you can no longer seem to focus on what you were typing..

then the thoughts kick in..

maybe its not going to work..

what if I can’t earn enough money..

I’m being irresponsible..

no one’s going to buy that..

it’s too much of a risk..

and then all of a sudden you find yourself going from flying high and being excited about your work..
to being terrified to continue..

If you’ve found yourself here..having these feelings..

I want you to know you’re not alone..


you’re also not crazy..

you see often this comes up when we have some silent time to ourselves..

a time when things have slowed down and we’re not so occupied with all the things..

You may find that in your business you are often VERY busy..

but how often are you truly productive?

I’ve found that usually we keep ourselves going, spinning, jumping from one idea to the next because it keeps our focus off of the fear.

The fear doesn’t just jump out of nowhere..

it is actually there all along, running in the background.

You’ve just gotten very good at distracting yourself from it..

And the truth is..all the positive thoughts in the world..isn’t going to make it go away.

It needs to be faced full on..head on..and completely – as it comes up.

It is the perfect time..when you’re drenched in sweat and feeling damn certain that you’re going to have a heart attack that the time is just right to do some core work.

To face your own darkness and dissolve it.

This doesn’t mean it won’t come up.because it will again and again, with each rung you climb on that ladder..

but each time you become become more honest with yourself, you become CLEARER in what you want, and what you say you want..

Your voice changes from quivering to fierce..



Because you’re having to brave your own fire, over and over again.

And that- my exactly why you jumped into this entrepreneurial world to begin with..

To see yourself fully, and own your destiny.

And this is where it’s made..right in the fire of hell, and brimstone (I have a flair for the dramatic, can’t you tell?)

So lets get on with it, shall we?

How to burn through your own fear, and come through on the other side..

how to use the fear for transformation to become stronger, clearer and more intune with yourself….

Sit with the fear..the fear that makes you feel like you’re going to die, that you better do something quick or its all over..

that fear..the one that makes it hard to focus, to swallow, to breathe…

And you need to WELCOME it..

it is your teacher after all..
it holds within it the gifts that you have been hiding from yourself…

Allow it to fully come in..dont’ resist don’t try to stop it from suffocating you..

allow it fully and completely through..

Ask it what it wants to teach you, change within you..

Look at all the places you are resisting, trying to prevent the ‘inevitable’..

And see its story..see the history of that feeling…following it back as far as it will go..

Why is it there…

Greet it like you would an old friend..

See it for what it is..
and then once you have felt it fully..
thank it and send it on its way..release it.

There are two things that keep fear around, resisting it and holding on to it..

Resisting it makes it stronger, holding on to it means you get burned..

But seeing it, accepting its warmth and teaching and allow it to move through you, and past you..

is where its real gift lies.

Then you see it for what it is..then you see yourself, in all you’ve become..

And then from ask yourself what you truly want..and take action on it.

No longer allowing your fears to drive, or run the show, or jump in and sabotage you at the last moment.

Then you own your darkness, and your light and you allow it to make you whole..
rather than having it own you.

Vanessa xx

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