If you’re afraid of niching down, if you’re afraid that you won’t get any clients if you narrow the channel…

If you feel like you’re barely keeping yourself afloat now, or scraping by, I want to tell you the best way to increase what you receive..
is to become VERY specific about what you want, and WHO you want to be working with..

It is the difference between a muddy, cloudy pond, and a narrow rapid river…

When you become specific, there is no more trying to fit yourself into a box, and contort yourself to what your client wants.

There is no hoping, and throwing numbers out there, or lowering your prices..

There is no watering down your message.

When you are very specific, it is like a big flashing open sign to your ideal clients.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between what you already have and working ONLY with your ideal client..

One is like trying to mix oil and water, and the other is like the cherry on top of a delicious ice cream sunday..

You choose which one you want.

One is the path to what you want to create, and the impact you want to make, and the fulfillment you want to feel..the other is doggy paddling in the deep end until you catch a break.

Your ideal clients are waiting for you..they need your vision, your message, your heart.

And if you need it too..otherwise..this all feels like a big fat waste of time, and it is the quickest path to burn out.

If you are struggling in your business, if you are feeling unfulfilled, maybe the reason is that you’re in the wrong field, but it can also be that you’re not serving the right people.

Learning the difference between the two, saved my life

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