Are you following the ebb and flow of your soul? In your business today are you forcing into existence what doesn’t want to be? Can you easily tell the difference between resistance from facing your fears, and resistance from what is not you?

There is indeed a difference.

If you feel it is resistance to facing your fears, pick one small action to do, that can be done in the next 5 will help shift you out of fear mode and into creative alignment.

If the resistance is because it is being motivated by the belief of “this is what I have to do to succeed/survive…

Take a moment and breathe.

Your life, your business isn’t hanging in the balance.

It isn’t do or die, even if it feels like it.

Acting or creating anything from fear, will only bring more to fear into your life.

Shift from fear to excitement.

Ask yourself what feels exciting.

What do you want to REALLY be doing right now?

And maybe it isn’t work..maybe it’s self care.

When you honour that aspect of yourself, of your business, of your creativity ..

You will fill your cup and have more energy to do what really truly needs to be done, from a soul place in your work.

Feel and allow that space to be created.

There is a big difference between procrastination and allowing yourself air to breathe.

Maybe you only need 5 or 10 minutes, or an hour.

If you find you are pushing things back by days, weeks, or months then you know you have other fears, and blocks that are at work and can then be addressed.

 xx Vanessa

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