Growing up in an tumultuous household where mental, verbal, emotional and physical abuse were everyday occurrences changes you..

You become a half shell of who you are.

You don’t feel free to speak, to share, to be open, or vulnerable, and you feel constantly on guard.

Because you know..”its coming”.

That even the occasional upswing where things felt good, felt in alignment, parents were happy…

you knew quickly as a child that at any moment..that was going to change.

And to be safe (as much as you could be), you needed to prepare for it.

You needed some way to tell when that shift would happen…

What to be aware of..

When to take cover.

When to not say that extra word, or to look up.

That way for me was my intuition.

At the time, as a child.. I didn’t have a name for it.

Sometimes it was that sinking feeling in the pit of my belly that something terrible was about to happen.

Sometimes it was that feeling that I should leave the room, as soon as possible.

Sometimes it was that feeling to just nod my head and look away so that it didn’t get worse.

Somehow, it always kicked in, to tell me what to do and when.

As I got older..I began to realize that my intuition was something special.

And that not everyone lived that way..not everyone knew what that feeling was, or if they did, they didn’t feel comfortable talking about it, or sharing it.

As I got older that intuition kept me out of bad situations more than I can count..

Dates that went terribly wrong..

Car accidents..

That intuition kept me alive throughout my childhood.. through being nearly choked, dragged and grabbed…

so that I could go on to have a better life, without abuse.

And it hasn’t gone away as I’ve gotten older. In has only strengthened.

It is now how I share my purpose in the world, how I help others, and what brings me the most fulfillment.

That never ending connection within myself that steers me just where I need to go, and when.

It helps me in business decisions, relationships, finances, love, and knowing what my kids are thinking.

And if you have read this far..maybe it has done these things for you too..and more.

The truth of it is, we’re never in this thing blind. (even though it may feel like it). We are never left to navigate completely on our own, without a compass, or a map.

In fact – we have both.

The map is the purpose of your soul (your gifts), it is what lights you up..and lights you way (literally) and the compass is your intuition. That little spark of excitement that says ‘this way’.

And for me, my life’s work has become about showing other people how to tune into and find theirs.

When we have purpose, we live a fulfilled life, we make a difference, our relationships become better, deeper, we make more money, we do amazing work, we simply become MORE.

And when we listen to our intuition, it always brings us to the exact insights, and places we need to be, to bring abundance into our lives, and the lives of those around us.

I like to think of it as a self contained package. Your own unique tool kit to happiness, and success.

If we just listen to it.

For over 15 years I have worked as a life+business psychic medium, my work has changed and fluctuated as I have, but I have always come back to it, over and over again..

There is nothing quite like seeing a profound message for someone, being given insights into how to shift something they have been struggling with for days, weeks, or years..

Something that with the simplest words can bring someone to tears, or burst out laughing..

Something that has such a profound potential to shift us to our very core.

And I want to offer that to you.

Starting June 18th, I will be teaching a 12 week program on Psychic Development called The School of Light. This isn’t some ordinary psychic development program filled with mental techniques, and affirmations..

It is completely intuitively and hands-on based, where you begin using your gifts right away.

And if you think you don’t have that is…I would like to invite you to rediscover that aspect inside of yourself.

We all have intuition..sometimes it doesn’t look like what we see in books or movies..but I can tell you honestly..its there.

It doesn’t always appear as coloured lights, or being visited by your guides or angels.

Sometimes it is that small quiet voice inside that says “not this”.

The more that we cultivate it, and listen to it, the more it speaks deeply to us, the more that it shifts our life to its very core.

the more that we become deeply in touch with our purpose in this life, and the more that we can merge that with our dreams and goals to create an outstanding life that fulfills us from the top down.

I know that is possible for you because over the past 15 years I have given sessions to hundreds of people, and just simply by sitting with them who they are, their gifts, their struggles and challenges were revealed..and what I can say for sure is that we are all gifted.

We all have a destiny..but the truth of it is..most people never live it.

Just because it is your destiny doesn’t mean that it falls in your lap..

Destiny is something you achieve, you meet head is something you step into, and own fully by being yourself.

And the sad truth is that many people not only never do this..they never even glimpse it.

But we both know that’s not meant to be you.

Vanessa xx


P.S. If you’re ready to step forward and start owning and developing your gifts, living your passion and your life on your own terms, the ones you KNOW are possible I’m here to help.