Moon Calendar, Full Moon in Taurus, Moon Phases, Moon Cycles
Moon Forecasts & Lunar Planning with Psychic Business Coach + Intuitive Astrologer Vanessa Corazon

Do you feel drawn to the moon, it’s watery luminescence hovering above you, showing you it’s dark and light?

The Moon is our mirror. Reflecting your inner world, and emotional highs and lows. We rapidly cycle emotionally and energetically every 2.5-3 days along side the moon and it’s changing face. Following the Moon calendar phases and zodiac changes are the quickest and most accurate way to predict our emotional shifts and fluctuating energy levels. It is a sign post to help us, just as it did our ancestors to prepare for what’s coming, and to thrive.

The Moon As A Guide

Using the Moon Calendar as a guide to set goals, create change, grow, bring in income, schedule your day, set intentions, release and rest is how nature intended. We aren’t meant to be ‘on’ and hustling all the time. Following the path of the moon cycles, and moon phases helps us to tune into ourselves and our energy deeply, without needing to force ourselves to strive, achieve and ultimately burn-out like traditional planning and calendars do.

It goes with your natural flow, the same flow of the moon and the ocean, and just like the tides there are periods where we come in full, and others where we need to recede.

If you have struggled with your business planning, following a schedule, or reaching your goals, I want you to know that it’s not you – it’s the moon.

Why Linear Planning Is Causing You To Struggle

Unlike following a Moon Calendar, our linear planning systems and calendars don’t take into account these ebbs and flows, and it’s costing us our success, fulfillment, happiness and not to mention our health. Going against our own natural rhythm does in fact come with consequences. It robs us of our trust in ourselves, of our ability to create, and our opportunity to know ourselves better.

If you’re wondering if lunar planning is for you, or you’ve been wanting to give a moon calendar a try, trust me when I say if it was good enough to ensure the survival of our ancestors, I promise you – you’ll find it meets all of your needs and more. (If you haven’t tried it yet you can go here to grab yourself a free one-month sample of the Moonsight Planner. )

Taurus Full Moon Forecast

Taurus, The Bull, Moon Calendar, Full Moon in Taurus, Moon Phases, Moon Cycles
The Bull, Courtesy of Unsplash

When the Moon is full and expanding, so are we – with anticipation, energy, drive, ambition, and emotion. And when the full moon is in Taurus, we are looking out for our security, our home, our family, and our financial future.

The Moon As A Window

As we talked about the moon moves in cycles, in 2.5-3 day increments as well as 5-6 month windows. Every 2.5-3 days it changes sign and phase, which is where we notice our energetic and emotional fluctuations but it also operates in longer cycles of 5-6 months. From New Moon to Full Moon to New Moon and on and on (in each zodiac sign).

For example on May 15th, 2018 we had a New Moon in Taurus, and now 5-6 months later on October 24th, 2018 we have Full Moon In Taurus. With each new and full moon we are given the opportunity to end and begin again.

A Portal In Time To May 2018

What was begun for you on the New Moon in Taurus back in May 2018 is now coming to a close. *We are being guided to wrap up any projects, energies, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, or ways of being that were initiated or at the forefront last May.* Pay attention to anything that has felt incomplete to you, or not allowing you to move forward.

What was happening for you back in May of 2018? Can you remember what was occupying your energy, mind, or heart?

With this full moon, you are being asked to let go of what no longer serves you, and to call forth any remaining energy in order to complete and act upon your long-term goals. If you started a project back then, dust it off and ask yourself ‘how can I bring this to fruition or completion?’

Take note of what is going on in your life currently as you will see a continuation, pattern, or deepening of it in April 2019.

As we enter Scorpio Season we are diving deep into our the depths of our soul. We are cleaning out the closets and calling ourselves home. Let’s make sure we want to live there.

Moon Calendar Tasks & Planning

Moonsight Planner, Moonsight Calendar, Moon Calendar, Full Moon in Taurus, Moon Phases, Moon Cycles
Moonsight 2019 Planner by Vanessa Corazon

This Taurus Full Moon don’t be overwhelmed by all that that remains undone. Don’t get caught up in the ‘ves (should’ve, would’ve, could’ve), and instead focus on what wants to move through you now.

We are born again a new, every moment.

With every breath we are different than the moment before, that breath wasn’t there, we are one moment older, and regenerated. Don’t hold yourself to past versions of you.

Often these versions are skewed, unkind and untrue perspectives of ourselves, and in fact have nothing to do with who we are now, and who we are becoming.

Instead allow this moment to come through you, to become this moment’s version of you. And to create, and dream, and envision, and allow all that is building in you now. It’s not a race, and you aren’t behind, you are exactly on time, right here in this moment.

Ask yourself what is calling to you now. You may find there is a craving for security, for building a more solid foundation, financial clarity, planning, and looking forward into 2019. Stepping out of the hot pan of urgency in your business, and into living breath, expansiveness, facing your fears of things coming apart, and trading it in for a future that makes you excited and expansive.

Use the next few days to plan out and dive into your more tedious tasks, focus on your financial future, map out your moon calendar, pay any outstanding bills, set up an automated savings or investment plan, and begin wrapping up the more technical tasks ahead of you. If you’d like a little help you can grab a free one-month sample of the Moonsight Planner here. The One-and-Only Moon Calendar created specifically for business.

Moon Calendar, Full Moon in Taurus, Moon Phases, Moon Cycles, Moonsight Planner, Moonsight Calendar
Moonsight 2018 Sampler

Full Moon Ritual

*Note Full Moon energy lasts for approximately 3 days, so don’t worry if you don’t do this right when the moon becomes full. The sooner you do it within the 3 day window the better, but don’t fret, we don’t want to impact the quality of your intention with fear or stress <3 Remember working with the natural moon calendar means following your own rhythm.

Taurus is all about embodiment. To become what it creates. To create itself.

Moon Mantra:

Moyocoytzin – pronounced Moy- O-Coy-O-Ta-zin.

Moyocoytizin is an Ancient Aztec word meaning ‘She Who Creates Herself’.

You are being asked to create, from the ash, from the pain, from the heart. Your own self.

Full Moon in Taurus Ritual:

Candles, Moon Calendar, Full Moon in Taurus, Moon Phases, Moon Cycles
Candles. Courtesy of Unsplash

Anoint yourself with your favourite essential oil. A light dab on the top of your head at your crown chakra, one on your forehead in the middle of your third eye chakra, one on your throat chakra, and so on to each of your chakras. End it with a dab on each of your wrists, and inside the palms of your hands.

Light a candle or several, and place them on the floor, or around you in a circle. Dim the lights if you have them on. And sit with the candle in front of you, or surrounding you.

Optional Soundtrack:

Olive – You’re Not Alone.

Intention Casting:

Words :
“I am ready to birth myself.
There is no one here to do this but me.
There are no circumstances that will change or prevent what I am becoming.
I am not my past.
I am what I choose to become, at any moment.
I am not afraid of becoming.
I have all the support I need.
I call forth that support now (angels, ancestors, loved ones, guides, source)
Everything has accumulated to this moment, there are no mistakes.
It is all love.
I am.”

Feel these words ripple through you.
Feel Yourself Become One With your Own Breath.
Feel the Pulse of promise in these words. The Unfolding. The Healing, The Release.
It is already happening.
Feel each of your Chakras Open.
Stand, and let yourself dance. Move the energy, let it transfix you, the movement of your becoming, and allowing all that you are and wish to create to come to you.
Feel the aliveness running through you.
You are creating yourself.

And so it is.

Dance, Moon Calendar, Full Moon in Taurus, Moon Phases, Moon Cycles
Dance. Courtesy of Unsplash


Follow up with a Spiritual Bath by the moon (with some candles, essential oils, sea or bath salts, and herbs or clearing yourself with White Sage or Palo Santo Wood.
“I clear myself of any residues, heavy feelings, emotions, memories and patterns.”

Live Mooncast Tonight

Join me for the Live Mooncast & Psychic Q+A in the New Mystic Entrepreneur Facebook Group! We’ll be starting at 5pm PST/8pm EST with the Full Moon in Taurus Forecast and following it up with a open Psychic Q+A. Be sure to attend live and bring your burning life or business question, a friend a cup of your favorite beverage!

See you soon! xx


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