The Silent Death That’s Often NOT Talked About in the Entrepreneurial Space…

You’ve been going strong, posting consistently on Facebook, sharing your options and freebies, making videos, doing client work, studying everything from social media management, to SEO and wordpress..

Baring the over-saturated groups..with the “me too’s and the look-at-me’s” seeing what others are doing and, I should be doing that too..and mentally adding it to your never-ending to-do list.

Putting out your shingle on a daily basis…

But then something happens..

Those days of telling your kids..”not now..mummy’s busy”, or “I just need another 5 minutes and then I’m done”, or running on coffee, and 3 hours of sleep…
Start to catch up with you…

Maybe you get sick, maybe other major things in your life that exist beyond Facebook need to be addressed..your child is being bullied at school, they’re not getting enough one-on-one time with you and acting out..or you haven’t taken a shower in um…more than 7 days…

You are living, eating and sleeping your in an day out..

and now its 6 months or a year or more later..and you find you’re still doing the same in-s and outs..

You told yourself it would just for a little while..while you built things up..then you could take more time off..

spend more time with your kids,..

take a vacation..


start eating better…

You just need a little more time…

But then you realize..maybe that period ISN”T coming.. maybe this is the REALITY of your business..

and not only are you trying to stay on top of it, the next opt-in, Facebook ads, comments in groups, your overflowing inbox…

You have a real life outside of all of this..that is being held together by stick tack and duct tape (or a mix of sweat and tears)..

And you can’t balance it…

You realize its a big fat illusion that you bought somewhere along the way…maybe one of those ads on Facebook, that said run your business from anywhere..with the picture of the beach and a happy family

And you know you have to stop..

But the thought of doing so sets off a panic inside of you that is simply too terrifying to look at..

Because you KNOW if you stop..if you don’t post, if you’d don’t follow up, if you aren’t on the ball of your next big whatever..

its all going to fall apart.

at the same time..

it already is.

You aren’t holding it all together well.

the business isn’t coming in fast enough, or maybe its too fast and you just can’t contain it…

you can’t divide yourself..

you can’t be in two places at once..being mom and being an entrepreneur..

well sometimes it doesn’t go together well..

So what happens? What to do?

For me..I’ve recently come back from taking time off social media..

My Facebook page says I haven’t posted in 48 days..

And I’m anxious.. finances slowed down..

But it was a period where I had no other choice but to step away..

for my sanity and the sanity of my family..

We are just recovering..from the past 18 months of me ‘building my business’..

and lets just say..there’s a lot more work to be done..

but its not just on Facebook ads, and a social media schedule..

its inside.

Its on the fears that overtook me from not delivering..
from not showing up..
from not being EVERYWHERE..
from not offering the next big thing..
from showing vulnerability, from being truly authentic..

because we have a brand to protect, an image to maintain..

a business to keep afloat..

But we’re not big organizations…we’re people..

with families..
with obligations outside of Facebook..

And while that may sound like a giant excuse (trust me I had those thoughts too..more than once)..

Sometimes its just reality..

Stepping away, regrouping, removing yourself temporarily from the matrix…

Well it has some unforeseen benefits

You begin to remember who you are..outside of all of that..
outside of what everyone else is doing..
outside of the genius marketing strategies, and the latest craze

You begin to remember why you went into business to begin with
you remember what makes you UNIQUE..
rather than trying to outdo or catch up with what others are doing in your industry or what is ‘sellable’.

You remember your WHY.

And that is super powerful..
for me it was worth the loss of income
it was worth the uncertainty and temporary periods of insanity and “what the hell am I doing?!” moments..

Because maybe I don’t know my next 5 steps forward…(that’s okay btw)
and maybe I don’t know what’s all the rage or what I ‘should be capitalizing on’
but I do feel inside now what is right for me..and I can easily tell when something feels off, or out of alignment (something that was being bombarded and overtaken by all the should and pressures)

What are my next steps…
I’m not sure..
What felt right, right now, was to write this post, and to share it..

Because maybe it won’t resonate with many people, but it might with some..someone who’s struggling to hold it all together and bashing herself for not doing a better job….

Someone who keeps telling herself, if she just had that next program, if she could just figure out her next would all get better..

But secretly feels on the verge of giving up, who desperately needs some time away…

This is your permission slip to listen to yourself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day..
sometimes you build something only to tear it all down and have to start over once or twice (or ten times)
Sometimes what your doing looks like nothing but its actually the exact thing that needs to happen, that you can’t put words to but has the power to shift everything..

The magic most often happens when it looks like nothing is happening at all.

The secret is to know enough to give yourself that space.

You’re worth it..and after all, if there’s no you – there’ s no business anyway <3

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