There are many acts of unfaithfulness, unconscious acts of self sabotage, but it always comes down to not trusting your inner voice, not valuing yourself, your work, your message..

We do this in a variety of ways..

sometimes it is in through giving our time away for free

or discounting our services,

or not standing firm in our boundaries, not saying no, accepting what is given to us without feeling like we CAN say NO.

in not actually listening to what we know we want to do inside

in watering down our message

in not taking action when we feel inspired

in telling ourselves other things are more important..and need to come first

We believe that we as we are, are this static UNCHANGEABLE entity, when actually it is within us to change EVERYTHING around us. Including ourselves.

Simply by deciding and committing to being YOU 100%, and putting your desires, needs, wants, purpose before everything else that doesn’t TRULY matter.

Deciding to live from a place of conscious creation, from abundance, of stepping into it and owning it fully..

Every time you tell yourself it doesn’t matter, or that you need this money, IT’S JUST this one job, IT’S JUST THIS this one client, IT’S JUST FOR today..

you settle

you tell yourself you, what you want, it’s not really worth it,

it’s not really going to happen anyways,

its where you accept the struggle will always be there..and you’re bound to lose anyways..

Its the belief that you have to choose the lesser of two evils.. (BS btw)

But its in the little freaking things that we slowly let go of our dreams and goals..

and it’s the little things that freakin’ matter! Our life is made up of these little things, and often they end up being things that erode all the hard work and effort we put into changing our life. They eat away at our foundation, at our resolve, at our belief in ourselves.

It’s the ways we set the things inside of our heart to the sidelines, for today, for this week, for this month, for this year..

and soon they become this unending pile of the ways we betrayed ourselves.

The ways we told ourselves we had more time,

But it’s these days that turn into your ENTIRE life. Because how you do one thing, is how you do EVERYTHING.

there never is any OTHER time, other than NOW to make that commitment, to decide what’s most important, and to just freaking do it,

excuses aside.

It is always going to feel crazy, it’s always going to feel like there isn’t enough time, but that is a decision, like any other. And maybe that makes you feel guilty, maybe that makes you feel like a bad person for putting yourself first, but it is in listening to these beliefs that we accept a life of LESS. That we put ourselves second, third, or last and wonder why others don’t put us first!

It is in living the way you want to live, now, even if it doesn’t appear that the things you want, or need, are there YET.

It is making SPACE for those things to exist. It is consciously creating them, through creating space FOR them, inside of ourselves, and in our lives.

IT is in saying I’m worthy.

I matter.


And if I give this up. I my as well not bother at all.

Because the time – its not going to fall into your lap,

the space, isn’t going to make itself..

the money isn’t just going to appear.

IT comes first from a place of commitment.

Have you ever had that experience, where you really wanted something, and you just didn’t have it..but you said, its NON negotiable?

I’m going to find a way, either way to make this happen!

And you did, you made the commitment, maybe you pulled out your credit card, without knowing where the money was actually going to come from, or you gave your resignation without knowing what was next, or you gave your rental notice without knowing if you could get to where you wanted to go..

But you knew ENOUGH, to know NOT THIS.

And you followed it.

Isn’t it true that anything that has every really mattered to you, happened this way?

And the spiritual philosophy of going with the flow, loving what is may feel like contradicting this..

“You should be in the flow, you should go with life, if it didn’t happen then its not meant to be..”

But isn’t that in a way negating responsibility, shifting the blame?

Let’s be fair, if you really deeply wanted something hasn’t life given it to you, one way or another? Haven’t you taken the action to get it, even if you didn’t know it would be supported?

So where does this spiritual philosophy fit in?

It doesn’t, at least NOT in the way you think..

The flow begins in following what you WANT, it is in COMMITTING to what you want..then the flow HAPPENS, then it carries you to where you want to GO.

Sitting and waiting adrift isn’t the way to get there, hoping to be taken to a safe place.

Yes you will be taken SOMEWHERE, but will it be where you actually want to be…? Yes you will be taken care of, but it won’t likely be in a way that lights your heart on fire, it will be in a way that you have JUST ENOUGH to eat, and a place to sleep. Which is your VERY basic needs will be taken care of. Which is great, if that is what you want to continue to have happen, if you don’t want anything else than that.

For me personally I hit a point where having just enough FOR YEARS….well it wasn’t enough anymore. I knew I could manifest enough to be taken care of. But I began to get tired of my own excuses around it..around playing it safe and just having “enough”, enough for the things I felt ‘worthy’ of. But it can all shift when you decide that ‘enough’ isn’t enough anymore. Are you tired of just having BARELY ENOUGH?

What you experience in that is completely determined by what you WANT, and COMMITTING to getting there. Saying THIS is IMPORTANT.

You may not KNOW how you’re going to get there..but you know you WILL…once you make that commitment.

Then the path reveals itself.

But inside is where it happens first.

Are you ready to make that decision?

TO see what is possible when you DO really decide, in a non-negotiable, come hell or high-water sort of way?

As though your life depends on it? does!

It really freaking does!!

It means the difference between dying with your passion still inside of you, un-lived, unexpressed,

and setting sail – living your full freaking life, unapologetically and completely you, to the absolute fullest, and not cutting any bloody corners.

It is experiencing the power of what is inside of you, that relentless, limitless, unfuckable with power, that CAN lead, that CAN live, that CAN embody this life, your message, your gifts – it is fulfilling your TRUE destiny.

Are you ready to stop following (listening to the fear, playing small, letting other UNIMPORTANT things take the lead in your life) and grab the steering wheel of your life and take that road trip you’ve been taking about for ever..the trip you know is within you, the one you simply cannot leave this earth without having taken??

It’s waiting for you…

Vanessa xx


PS. If you want help revealing what your road map is, though the use of clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic ability, YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR BLUEPRINT, YOUR UNIQUE PATH, clarity on the questions that are holding you back from just taking that action you KNOW you need and want to take, like needing to take your next breath..

I have 2 spots available for my SoulShift – Aligning your Business with Your Soul Purpose 6 Month Starter Program where you work privately 1:1 with a Life+Business Psychic Medium (me) to getting your spiritual head in the game, seeing through the BS, and committing to following your purpose, living the life you KNOW you were destined to, and being willing to do the inner and outer work to get yourself there..

As a life+business psychic medium with 15+ years experience, my coaching isn’t some traditional business coaching that teaches a bunch of 12 step formulas for success, it is what reveals your path to you, in all its beautiful and intricate ends the guessing, the hoping, the trial and error.

Because that message inside of you, it is only going to be given the life you know it can lead, become part of every aspect of your waking reality by committing to yourself and saying THIS, THIS FREAKING MATTERS.

And its not going to go away, its not going to change into something simpler, something less scary…it is always going to feel like its eating away at you, that you are betraying yourself, no matter how aligned the rest of your life is, because it has been given to you because IT IS WHO YOU ARE…

It has been given to you because it is meant to be fulfilled in THIS life…

If you’re ready to explore what this can look like for you, and how I can help you get there let’s get on a call and discuss the message that is inside of you, even if you don’t feel clear on it, even if you don’t have an inkling of what it will look like, feel like, or even what you really “WANT”…the benefit and gift of psychic intuition is the messages are revealed to you, so clearly, the messages of your heart, are laid out before you, in explicit detail, so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own, you simply just recognize the truth when you hear it, and having a friend who can see it, and share it with you..changes everything. Book your call here.

Don’t let this be something else you put off to the side, for another day.

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